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Friday, October 07, 2005

Week 5 Tips

Must starts:
Brett Favre, QB, Green Bay – Favre is proving that the only way the Packers can keep things close is for him to put the ball in the air 40 times per game. He'll throw some interceptions doing that, but he'll also put up some good numbers as well.
Aaron Brooks, QB, New Orleans - Facing his former team, the Packers, in Green Bay for the first time in his career. Brooks should put up good numbers.
David Carr, QB, Houston - Tennessee's secondary just isn't very good.
Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pittsburgh - San Diego's tough against the run, but awful against the pass.

Bench them:
Trent Dilfer, QB, Cleveland - Chicago's defense will keep the Bears in a boring game against Cleveland.
Jake Plummer, QB. Denver - Hasn't thrown for big numbers this season and Washington's tough defense comes to town.
JP Losman, QB, Buffalo - Won't start this week. Has been replaced by Kelly Holcomb.
Tim Rattay, QB, San Francisco - Won't start this week. Has been replaced by Alex Smith.

Running backs:
Must starts:
Domanick Davis, RB, Houston - Davis has struggled this season, but the Titans are a fine elixer.
Warrick Dunn, RB, Atlanta – New England's defense is vulnerable.
Thomas Jones, RB, Chicago - Cleveland's defense will give up some yards on the ground.

Bench them:
Ahman Green, Green Bay. Won't play this week. Najeh Davenport will start in his place.
Cadillac Williams, RB, Tampa Bay - Fantasy owners heard their least favorite words in regards to Cadillac, "game time decision." The Jets are tough and he could lose time to Michael Pittman.
Kevin Jones, RB, Detroit - Baltimore comes to town.
Rudi Johson, RB, Cincinnati - Bengals are down two centers and that's where the strength of Jacksonville's defense is, up the middle.

Wide Receiver:
Must Starts:
Donald Driver, WR, Green Bay - Favre's favorite target.
Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona - Is fast becoming a star.
Joe Jurevicious, WR, Seattle - Will start along with D.J. Hackett for the Seahawks this week with both Bobby Engram and Darrell Jackson out.

Bench them:
Laveraneus Coles, Jets – It's too much to expect Vinny Testaverde to come in and play well.
Antonio Bryant, Cleveland - The Browns will have trouble moving the ball.
Ashley Lelie, Denver – Hasn't been that big of a factor, once again.

Tight Ends:
Must Starts:
Jason Witten, TE, Dallas – Could finally have a good game this week.
Jerame Stevens, TE, Seattle – With both starting wideouts out, they may lean more on Stevens.
Todd Heap, Baltimore – His star is falling fast, but they've vowed to get him back into the passing game.

Bench them:
Bubba Franks, TE, Green Bay – Still banged up.
Steve Heiden, TE, Cleveland - Mr. Heiden, meet Mr. Urlacher.
Daniel Graham, TE, New England – He's become the invisible man.

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