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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Changes coming

Everybody has been screaming for Willire Reid to return punts for the Steelers. But it looks like they'll have to settle for Ricardo Colclough not doing it.

Reid is in the mix of players the team is working out at punt returner right now, but I doubt Bill Cowher will be able to find a spot for a sixth wideout on game days.

That means Santonio Holmes or Cedrick Wilson will be back there against San Diego.

In kickoff returns, Colclough has also been replaced. Look for Najeh Davenport to get a shot at returning kickoffs.


Captain Cocktail said...

Is Davenport even that fast?? They need to get him in somewhere.

You need a hunting blog Dale.

**BTW The Cocktail Hour blog is back

Dale Lolley said...

Davenport takes the ball and runs straight up the field, which is what you want a kick returner to do. That's what made guys like David Dunn and Quincy Morgan good at it.