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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Diary of Mozes part II

Former Washington High School football player Dan Mozes is at the NFL Draft Combine in Indianapolis this week.
As part of his daily routine, the All-America center from West Virginia has agreed to write a daily diary of his activities for the Observer-Reporter.
Here’s what Mozes did in his second full day:

“Things went very good today. We got up between 6 and 6:30 a.m., had breakfast and then went for psychological testing.
“It was questions like, ‘Would you be a librarian, yes or no? Do you like poetry? Do you have a temper?’ I had already taken some of those at the Senior Bowl, so I only had to take one. Other guys had to take four.
“Once that was over, we headed over to the RCA Dome for the Wunderlic Test.
“I got 40 questions done and skipped three and probably missed three or four. That should give me a score somewhere in the high 20s or low 30s, hopefully. That would be a good score.
“After the Wunderlic, we went for the bench press, which is getting 225 pounds up as many times as you can. The average (for offensive linemen) is 27 or 28, and I got 28, so I guess I was average. Some guys were getting up in the 30s and a couple got into the 40s.
“A lot of guys were locking out their arms.
“My roommate Josh Beekman and I were talking about that here in the room. One guy barely brought his arms out at all. And if you don’t lock out, they don’t count.
“After we finished there, we were free for a little while before we started interviewing with teams.
“I met with eight teams. I got a chance to meet coach (Mike) Tomlin of the Steelers and that was a great honor to shake his hand and to shake Mr. (Dan) Rooney’s hand. Mean Joe Greene was in the room as well. That was really an honor to be there with them. My dad and I had season tickets to the Steelers games for about four years when I was a kid, so that was really great to be there with them.
“I also got to meet with the Bills’ former coach (and current general manager) Marv Levy. That was really an honor as well.
“I also spoke with Arizona coach (Ken) Whisenhunt, who used to be with the Steelers. I really got to meet a lot of people I wouldn’t normally have had a chance to and it was really an honor.
“We got back to the room at about 9:30. Tomorrow is another big day. We have to be up at 7 a.m. We have the 40, the 3-cone drill, broad and vertical jumps and then some position drills. After that, we have some more interviews.
“My flight back to Pittsburgh is at 3 p.m., so I’m really going to be rushing to get everything done.
“It’s a big day for me. There are some freaks out there who will run really fast, but that won’t be me.
“But when it comes to the pro agility drills and the football drills that are just playing, that’s where I hope to shine.”

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