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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Keisel to OLB

Now that Joey Porter is gone and the Steelers have been rebuffed in their efforts to acquire a veteran outside linebacker in free agency - not that the crop was that good to begin with - many are asking what they will do now?

One possibility is to move defensive end Brett Keisel to outside linebacker and select a young defensive end in the draft to take his place. Nebraska's Adam Carricker certainly would fit and could be available when the Steelers make their first-round pick, the 15th overall.

The Steelers have been smart not to dive into this free agent pool. Some of the contracts being given out are way over the border for ridiculous.

The Steelers will restock through the draft this year. And it's a deep draft, much deeper than the free agent pool.


rocket9 said...

I don't know that Keisel can play OLB..can he? It's like the oft rumoured idea that K. Simmons can play center. I like the idea of taking Carricker for sure as we have a lack of depth on the D-line. The O-line is in for a shuffle too.

The money being thrown around on mediocre to bad (see Davis, Leonard)players is astonishing. I think the Patriots even overpaid for Adalius Thomas by a big margin. I know he is a jack of all trades etc and they like that kind of player (see Vrabel, Mike) but the money is a joke. They have finally gone over to the dark side with the `Skins.. hee ..

Dale Lolley said...

Keisel is their best pure pass rusher and is ungodly athletic. Anybody who's seen him play basketball - the 360 dunks and such - knows the guy can move.