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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The guarantee

Anthony Smith guaranteed a win Sunday over the Patriots.

Hey, why not. Everybody else this season has blown smoke up New England's collective behind, talking about how great they are and how it's so awesome to get a chance to get to be on the same field as such a fantastic display of talent.

Smith's comments are certain to be bulletin-board material for the Patriots, who love that kind of thing.

But he's also put the onus on himself and the rest of the defense to step up with a big game.


Cotter said...

My thoughts exactly. If he has the balls to say some shit like that, he better come ready to dominate.

adamg said...

You notice none of the comments from the other Steeler players actually disputed what Smith had to say.

And if the Pats need "bulletin board" material from a second year player, maybe they aren't really as good as advertized.