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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Anybody notice

Did anybody notice that the grass surface at Lambeau Field is now DD Grassmaster, the same stuff that is used at Heinz Field?

Somehow, it held up well during a game in a snowstorm Saturday when the Packers downed the Seahawks in the playoffs.

Perhaps the biggest problem with the turf in Pittsburgh is not the surface itself, but some other factor – such as the surface's proximity to the rivers or incompetence by the field workers.

I'm just saying.


adamg said...

The turf was coming up in big chunks just like it did at Heinz. Fox showed players cleaning large clumps of turf off their cleats several times. You could also see a huge clump stuck on the top of Grant's facemask that had to be pulled off by a teammate after one play.

Of course only the Packers play at Lambeau Field unlike at Heinz where 20+ games are played each year plus covering the field for concerts, etc. If you want to look closer to home for great grass, check out the grass at Penn State. It's beautiful all year round in a colder climate, too.

Mapod said...

I beleive the problem was changing the grass this year after the High School and Pitt played on the field. When they changed it we got a down pour of rain. They would have been better to place the turf and give it a few more days to set instead of 2 days. So here is the solution, the Steelers and Pitt request that they play away games the week-end of Thanksgiven. Give the field for the High School championship that week-end, our taxes did pay for some of it. Replace the turf if needed and give it a week of rest.

adamg said...

I've never understood why these teams insist on Kentucky Blue Grass for their fields. I've seen zoysia grass in a lot of yards when I lived in Philadelphia and it is great stuff - indestructable. This grass is thick and like walking on a plush carpet with thick padding. It's a warm weather grass so it loves the hot weather. The only draw back is it turns brown with the first frost, but I suppose with the kind of heating system installed under Heinz, it might be green for most of the season.

D.J. said...

Similar to Three Rivers Stadium, Heinz Field is a multipurpose stadium. Period. With all the technology that exists with these new synthetic turf fields and over 10 companies offering their various varieties, why try and force grass any longer? For 7 years, they have tried everything real and it almost ridiculous how the field looks by late fall. It is all but proven that these new surfaces are as safe or safer than real grass. 21st Century professional football should demand a playing surface that is professional and where professional football players (College and High School too) can showcase their real talent not their dexterity of how well they can run, duck and dodge in mud or keep from slipping.

Dale Lolley said...

I have zoyisya in my yard and it is great in the summer, but it wouldn't hold up in the winter. As you said, it does brown and gets very slick when wet.
I'm in favor of keeing grass at Heinz Field - as are the majority of the players.
The NFL will help the Steelers out this year by not scheduling them to be at home the weekend of the high school playoffs. It's something they used to do at Three Rivers Stadium and then got away from for some reason when they moved to Heinz Field.
The Steelers may also ask Pitt to schedule around that weekend as well.
If you saw the Tampa Bay-Giants playoff game, Tampa's grass wasn't great either. It was brown and patchy. What's their excuse?

adam said...

Well, the players argue based on misconceptions about injuries. Football is a violent game played by extremely large and fast men who push the physical and mechanical structure of their bodies to the limit and perhaps beyond. IMHO, that's a much bigger contributor to injuries than playing surfaces.

After all, how many Steelers get hurt on their artificial turf practice field?

As for the zoysia grass, it can't be any slicker than mud or regular wet glass and I'm sure companies like Nike or Reebok can design cleats to deal with the surface wet zoysia might present.