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Friday, May 01, 2009

First day of mini-camp notes, Foote update

As expected, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin confirmed today that he and Larry Foote decided it would be beneficial for both parties if Foote did not attend the mandatory mini-camp this weekend. Tomlin said Foote will not be fined.

Tomlin said he and Foote have been in contact for several weeks regarding the situation.

© Punter Daniel Sepulveda and long-snapper Greg Warren are still hobbled by their knee injuries.

Sepulveda didn't kick at all today - even during punting drills - while Warren did do some snapping. But Warren is still walking with a limp and is wearing a brace on his left knee.

Sepulveda's status would explain why the Steelers essentially brought in two more punters. Both Dirk Johnson - sounds like a porn name - and Piotr Czech - ditto - were punting Friday.

© If you're looking for an undrafted rookie to keep an eye on, watch offensive tackle Ramon Foster of Tennessee. The 6-6, 325-pound Foster was working with the third team at right tackle Friday and looks like a player.

© An interesting note - every Steelers draft pick with one exception has already attained his degree.

In fact, first-round pick Ziggy Hood graduated in just 3 1/2 years.

The only one who hasn't is third-round guard Kraig Urbik, who was a fifth-year senior. Go figure.

© Wide receiver Martin Nance is not practicing and Tomlin said he won't have any statements about what Nance's status is until Sunday or even Monday.


Mizou said...

That's bad news about our Punter and LS. We saw last year how poor play at those positions can affect a game.

I'm not too worried bout Warren. Even if he ends up cut due to injury, Retkofsky did an admirable job in his replacement last year, and I think he'll be better this year with some real game experience under his belt.

I'm most worried about the punting job. The time is RIGHT NOW, as the Steelers are doing, to identify GOOD (key word here) punting options to either replace Sepulveda, or to have on speed dial in case something happens. I would not be opposed to bringing in some vets too to see what they have left (good vets, not the Ernster/Gardocki/Berger type).

Looking forward to more news. Offseason is actually why I started reading your blog and paying for Scout. It's just way too long a time between the Superbowl and the season to go without quality Steelers news and updates. Kudos to you, Dale.

Ben said...

Dale, do you think Danny boy will be ready by training camp? He seems like a quality guy and an excellent punter. I know he's just a punter, but I'd hate to lose him.

Ben said...
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schnifin said...

Any inkling why Nance wasn't practicing?

He's a guy that I think could surprise if given the chance, but its discouraging to hear that he wasn't working out for mysterious reasons.

Dan G. Switzer, II said...


Retkofsky was cut a few days ago. He messed up his elbow in a motorcycle accident over the break.

Dale Lolley said...

I think both Warren and Sepulveda will be fine by the time the season rolls around. But it explains why they signed a veteran punter - just in case.

Patrick said...

Hey Dale

any chance the Steelers were working on this over the weekend:

Dale Lolley said...

I can't tell you that. Don't want to get in hot water with all the internet fans.

Ben said...

Interesting to read your comments on Ramon Foster. With the question marks about who's still on the OL next year (not to mention the question marks about if we have anyone who's any good) I think it's highly likely we'll carry 10 OL guys this season. Looking at who's on our roster I think both Shipley and Foster have a great shot at making the final roster of 53.

I would say Starks, Colon, Kemo, Urbik, Stapleton and Hartwig will almost certainly fill 6 of the spots. That leaves 4 spots free out of Tony Hills, Trai Essex, Jason Capizzi, Ramon Foster, A.Q. Shipley and Doug Legursky. Foster and Shipley should like those odds.

Patrick said...

haha Dale, I was kind of hinting at that. Figured you would catch on