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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hampton deal a good one

After learning of the terms of Casey Hampton's new deal with the Steelers – three years at just over $21 million with $11 million guaranteed - I couldn't help but think about what a bargain the Steelers got.

Think about it.

Had they franchised Hampton, he would have been guaranteed $7 million in 2010 and would have been a free agent again after that.

So for $4 million more in guaranteed money, they can keep him in 2011 and 2012 as well. That's not too bad.

When you also consider Hampton counted just under $7 million against the team's cap in 2009, you also see the value in this deal.

Pittsburgh can now select a nose tackle in the draft and not feel the need to rush him into the lineup.

© Hampton's deal also allowed the Steelers the opportunity to place the franchise tag on placekicker Jeff Reed. While some felt it would be prudent to franchise Hampton to keep him hungry for his next contract, it makes more sense with Reed.

He's been arrested twice in the past year - while supposedly playing for a contract. Now, perhaps he'll keep his nose clean in an effort to get a long-term deal.

© Of interest Thursday was the fact New Orleans didn't tender offers to running back Mike Bell or guard Jahri Evans. Both would interest me as unrestricted free agents if I were in the Steelers' front office.


Anonymous said...

I think having Hampton for 3 more years allows the FO the opportunity to NOT draft a NT this year if they don't want or if another player falls to them they really like. This gives them options, which is what I think our FO is very good at.

While we are getting older, Hampton, Hoke, Smith, Hood, Harris, Eason, and Keisel is a pretty good group of 7 guys. It has older but solid starters, young guys who want to make an impact, and some experienced backups as well. Really good mix.

Assuming they resign Clark, I think they can look at just about any position on D or many of the depth issues on O and draft BPA, which I think most years is the FOs goal.

Patrick said...

I really don't want to keep harping on this, but I agree with anonymous above - getting Hampton to a 3 year (3 years, not 1 or 2) allows them to avoid the NT problem for another year. With Hoke being around and barely used, I just don't see a NT in the draft plans, unless its a late round project who can be inactive or on the PS. However, with the 3-4 being the sexy defense these days, any 3-4 specific guys are not going to last on the PS.

Bottom line: No NT in the draft until at least Rd 3 or 4.

Also, deljcz said this on the Steelers MB and it makes a ton of sense: resigning Hampton should END the 4-3 talk. Its not going to happen. It dies its death today.

SKINLEY said...

Great year for nose tackles in the draft though...

alexrkirby said...

I think signing Hampton allows us to at least draft a NT in the 2nd or 3rd round and let him develop rather than draft a guy in round 1 who needs to play very soon. Terrance Cody in round 2 might be a good value.

You have to also think that Hampton is 32 and his play could drop off very fast.

t1mmy10 said...

Wouldn't hampton have been paid 7.8 mil if he were franchise tagged? It would have been 7mil or 120% of his last year salary (6.5 mil)...which ever is greater.

deljzc said...

Hampton's salary last year wasn't 6.5M, it was his salary cap number. He only made like $3.5M or something.

Also... Dale, the Saints have until March 4 to place tenders on their RFA's. So just because they didn't do anything with Bell or Evans doesn't mean they won't.

Anonymous said...

In three years Hampton will have ballooned to 500 pounds. Bad deal.

Dale Lolley said...

Teams usually tender all of their guys at once, which is why that was interesting. No sense in filing paperwork with the league twice.
Then again, they may be near deals with one or both. But I don't think they're bringing Bell back - they're rumored to be interested in Tomlinson.

t1mmy10 said...

@deljzc: that's right, but it's based off the cap hit. per in 2009, hampton's 08 cap hit was one of the top 10 (although his salary wasn't) used to make the 09 tag amount
and the same thing this year, per profootballtalk:

so once again, if hampton was tagged, it would have been for 7.8mil.

alexrkirby said...

The difference is that the 7.8 mil cap hit isn't Casey's fault. He didn't demand a salary that big, its the FO's fault for shifting his cap hit forward to the future and then having to finally pay the piper last year.

Anonymous said...

7.8 is for exclusive franchised NTs. That would be Seymour only. Hampton tag wouldabe 7mil.

lousy year for nts in draft. cody sucks, williams a reach.

why would hampton gain 700 pounds in 3 years when he hasnt done that in 9? just one bad year. good deal.

t1mmy10 said...

No, exclusive franchise tags are paid the top 5 avg of this year's salary, per

and if the 120% was based off of how much actual money he was paid that year (not the cap hit) then what would we do when players get a 10mil signing bonus their first year?

Mr. Lolley, I love your blog and keep writing but some of your readers can't do basic math.

t1mmy10 said...

meant to also point out exclusive tag numbers arent calculated until april 15 of this year...

Patrick said...

Props to Terrance Cody for weighing in at 354 and showing some dedication.

Anonymous said...

I still want to see the Steelers draft an O-lineman, especially now that Hampton is signed. Pouncey or Iupati would be a nice addition. I watched Pouncey at the combine and came away very impressed!

Dale Lolley said...

Cody is overrated no matter how much he weighs. Gotta make a play or two at some point, not just be a big slug.
This is actually a pretty good year for NTs. Most years you won't find more than three or four in an entire draft who can do it. This year there are at least eight to 10 pure NT prospects.

other_patrick said...


I'm trying to recreate this list of 8-10 NT. I think there are 6-7 guys who could potentially start in 2011.

How does this compare to your list?

Dan Williams
Terrence Cody
Torrell Troup
Cam Thomas

Brian Price - maybe undersized
Lamarr Houston

Jeff Owens - not very good
Jay Ross - Not very good
Ekom Udofia - Not very good
Boo Robinson - Not very good

Patrick said...

I'm not really a draft expert, but hearing Cody as overrated is news to me. Didn't he block 2 FG's in a game? I thought his only concern was the weight and durability.

Either way, I'm not a big fan of the Steelers picking him, but losing 16 lbs. is at least progress for the young man. Laziness and missed opportunities for these guys bother me.

Anonymous said...

Did you see Cody at the combine? Good grief is he fat. His boobs slapped Rich Eisen in the face one time.
Williams is a late 1st-rounder. Cam Thomas had a horrible year. Didn't you watch Pitt run all over them, and they have Marvin Austin, too. Austin underachieved but is much better than Thomas. And Troup? The best is Geno Atkins and he doesn't weigh 295. Brian Price is a 4-3 under tackle who would have to transition to become the 2nd decent NT.
Great year for DTs. Below Avg year for noses.
Oh, Timmy, tell EBouchette about your math whiz.

Dale Lolley said...

I don't look so much at what a particular defense did. There are few defenses who ask college DTs to do what the Steelers want their nose to do.
If you're telling your DTs to get upfield, they're going to get gashed on occasion against the run.

t1mmy10 said...

you mean the bouchette who originally reported sepulveda was tendered w/ no compensation?
lol ok...for what it's worth...