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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Steelers-Patriots game-day thread

No surprises on the inactive list today for the Steelers.

Landry Jones, Markus Wheaton, Curtis Brown, Richard Gordon, Kion Wilson, David DeCastro and Hebron Fangupo are inactive for the Steelers.

It's sunny but chilly here at Gillette Stadium.

Cornerback Aquib Talib, who leads the Patriots with four interceptions, and wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins, who has four touchdown catches, are inactive for the Patriots.

The Patriots are going with seven active offensive linemen for the game.


Anonymous said...

The Patriots are down all of their best defensive players and yet I still expect the Steelers offense to struggle.

Anonymous said...

sweet punt, never thought i would be so excited about one lol

adamg said...

BR back at it. On 3rd and short, holds the ball and gets sacked rather than throwing it away or even running it (looked like there was space) for the first down.

Then after a great goal line stand, a gutsy call for a deep ball and he throws the pass off his back foot for a pick.

Anonymous said...

Why not ask for a measurement rather than taking a time out? Why not try a different play than running up the middle again? Think a little but not too much that it hurts.

Anonymous said...

14-0, NE makes it look so easy. The Steelers struggle with every phase.

Anonymous said...

having ben as my qb i would rather him have a shot at 2-10 and 3-10 than one shot from 3-5, screw running on second down for a few extra yards

Anonymous said...

I guess covering Amendola wasn't in the game plan. Bad, bad bad.

adamg said...

I don't get with 4th and less than a yard, you don't run a qb sneak. That negates 8/9/10 men in the box since there's only the guy in front of the center to block. The RBs can push the pile forward from behind, too.

The coverage has been bad. Gronkowski is literally the only receiver NE has and he can't either be covered or held up at the line by a blitzing LB?

It would be one thing if the rookies were messing up, but it's vets like Clark and Troy.

On the sunny side, I thought I saw Ziggy Hood at NT a few times and he looked good there.

Easley said...

And meanwhile some guy named Nick Foles obliterates the Raider team that handled us last week. This season can't end soon enough.

Anonymous said...

At halftime I told the wife to put on a movie as I couldn't take much more. Tuning in just now, I couldn't have taken watching the 55 points that the Pats put up. The movie, "the Teapot" was a much more uplifting experience. Thanks Mike for putting the game out of reach by halftime.

adamg said...

The game was lost the first 2 series when the Steelers were driving, but BR held the ball instead of throwing it away and ended up fumbling. The defense then puts up a great goal line stand on 4th down getting the ball back, but on the first play, BR throws a deep sideline pass into double coverage off his back foot causing the ball to be underthrown and picked off.

At this point, it's time to acknowledge the one last shot with the vets didn't work and now it's time to complete the purge and rebuild.

It's annoying to not be very competitive this year, but there were a lot of bad teams before the 70's, so it's a natural cycle.

Anonymous said...

what sucks is that we have to rebuild with our salary situation in terrible shape. Timmons, Ike Taylor and Woodley are getting 30 million combined this year. And almost as much next year.

adamg said...

Alan Robinson had a story saying next year 7 players account for 84M of the cap,iirc.

There'll be a lot of vets cut or traded before the draft. Colbert acknowledged with all the restructuring the team took that risk wrt the cap.

The Steelers(and their fans)are just going to have to take their lumps the next year or two and learn not to get themselves in the same predicament.

Mark said...

Anon: "Thanks Mike for putting the game out of reach by halftime."

Except the Steelers tied the score in the 3rd quarter, so for a while the game was not out of reach.

marc said...

yes, #7's hail mary from the goaline sucked and the miscommunication with the WR's is getting old, but that's not what lost the game. the defense lost the game. there's just no way around it.

i hope the steelers take the rest of this season to getting quality playing time for those they expect to be on the team next year. bench the vets they plan on replacing, rotate the younger players to get some good experience. makes no sense to keep trotting out there the same old guys when you know there's gonna be so much change.

that goes for #7 as well. get jones some time over the next few games then give him some starts in the last 3-4 games. see what the kid's got, because there may be some good QB's available where the steelers will end up drafting.

Anonymous said...


Good call, the Steelers did score 31 points. Now if you would have doubled your second number you would have been right on.

As Adamg has mentioned, I think we all need to realistic in our expectations of the Steelers. It's going to be a long season and may be this way for a few seasons, so I think we'll need to lighten up a little from here

Anonymous said...

Mark said: Except the Steelers tied the score in the 3rd quarter, so for a while the game was not out of reach.

Thanks Mark, I read that, which would have made watching it all the more painful.

adamg said...

marc, the defense broke down at the end of the game for sure, but Troy did force a fumble that the offense was able to capitalize on. Then they held NE and allowed the offense to tie the game.

I agree on playing the young guys and figuring out who wants to play and who doesn't the rest of the season.

It's annoying to lose, but it's football, a game and no one died.

Patrick said...

this loss really sucked. Broked my little Steelers heart.

Unfortunately, its time to blow this team up. 2015 will be a great team but Ben will be at the helm.

Rough year.