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Monday, April 14, 2014

Three more prospects visit the South Side

The Steelers hosted three more potential draft picks on Monday as we close in - finally - on the NFL draft.

In on Monday were corner Shaq Richardson of Arizona, TCU cornerback Jason Verrett and defensive end Scott Crichton of Oregon State.

Richardson is a 6-0, 194-pound late-round prospect at corner, a big difference from Verrett.

At 5-10, 189, Verrett is widely viewed as the fourth best corner in this draft behind Darqueze Dennard, Justin Gilbert and Kyle Fuller.

The only way the Steelers would likely draft him is if they traded down or if he happened to be available in the second round.

Crichton is an interesting prospect at defensive end. He's listed at 6-3, 273, so he would have to put some weight on to play defensive end for the Steelers.

But he has a good motor and forced 10 fumbles in his career. He also recorded 19.5 sacks in his last two seasons.

Crichton is considered a second- or third-round prospect.


Anonymous said...

Read a rumor that the top teams in the draft are passing on QB's. That's bad news for the Steelers. I see Dennard, Evans and Gilbert being gone.

Trade up?

Patrick said...

the QB's are going to be interesting. I read that there could be a few falling and there could be a run on them in round 2. A big name falling the first round might present a nice trade down scenario. But even if that doesn't happen and there is a run on the QBs in early round 2, then some serious talent might be had at 2.15. Nix could be a possibility.

I also saw somewhere today that Barr has a visit with the Steelers planned. Dale is that the same situation as Pryor - Steelers doing their diligence or could it be something more?

Anonymous said...

dale, looking forward to your final mock draft. I'd be shocked if the browns don't take manziel at #4, as long as he is still available.

also, do you have any thoughts on savage. seems teams have taken quite an interest in him. could he go as high as the first round?

Dale Lolley said...

Barr could be a possibility for them if he's the best available.

As for rumors at this time of the year, I never believe them. Trust what you see happening. And what I see happening is QB-starved teams not waiting.

Look at the last decade of drafts and tell me people are passing on QBs when guys such as Christian Ponder went early in the first.