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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Steelers have toughest schedule? Who cares?

It was such big news that it was featured on at least one of the local TV station's 6 p.m. sports broadcast tonight.

This just in, the Steelers have the toughest 2015 schedule based on last year's records.

The key part of that, of course, is "based on last year's records."

As we all know, last year won't mean diddly once the 2015 season begins.

The San Francisco 49ers were chic pick to win the Super Bowl this season in many circles. They struggled to an 8-8 record that saw them fire head coach Jim Harbaugh.

The Houston Texans went from being 2-14 and having the first pick in the draft to being a very competitive 9-7.

The NFC South went from being a division that included a 12-win Carolina team and an 11-win Saints club to a division in which none of the teams finished over .500.

The point being, nobody knows what's going to happen this offseason. Some teams will get better. Some will get worse. And the Browns will continue to be the Browns.

But I digress.

Certainly, the Steelers 2015 schedule does look daunting. But it's not all that different from the one the rest of the division will be saddled with as well.

Here's Pittsburgh's schedule:
HomeBaltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, Oakland, Arizona, San Francisco, Indianapolis
AwayBaltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Kansas City, San Diego, St. Louis, Seattle, New England
Here's Baltimore's schedule:
HomeCincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, San Diego, St. Louis, Seattle, Jacksonville
AwayCincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Denver, Oakland, Arizona, San Francisco, Miami
Here's Cincinnati's schedule:
HomeBaltimore, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, San Diego, St. Louis, Seattle, Houston
AwayBaltimore, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Denver, Oakland, Arizona, San Francisco, Buffalo
None of them look particularly easy.

Perhaps 2015 will be a season in which everyone will be talking about the AFC North like they did the NFC South last season.


Tom said...

I can't wait to see who we play the first two weeks of the season. Those games without Le'veon will certainly be tough for the offense depending on how the Steelers plan to address backup RB. Probably going to open the regular season with NE if there's any ounce of truth to the rumors going around right now. Maybe game 2 will be the Brownies or the Raiders, a guy can dream can't he?

Patrick said...

if history is any indication, thats a Steelers 12-4 schedule

they would be 10-6 if jacksonville and TB were on the schedule instead of indianopolis and san diego

Anonymous said...

With the current scheduling format divisions more or less play the same schedule. Yes some get home v away but each has to play the same teams outside of 2 games. I agree the 'last year's record' thing gets overplayed, though you can guarantee the Steelers will open @New England and @Baltimore, with Bell on the shelf the first two weeks.

TR said...

Steelers will be 0-2 to start the season without doubt without Bell. I just hope they start @NE and @Seattle as there is a 95% chance they get destroyed both games no matter when they are during the season so you might as well get those 2 out of the way and during their annual slow to start September period which we all know is a certainty.

Anonymous said...

Good to know we don't need to bother playing the games to know the outcome. We'll have all of training camp and pre-season to figure out how to cope without Bell, not a week.

kyle said...

September records:

2007 3-1
2008 3-1
2009 1-2 (late start to season)
2010 3-0 (ditto)
2011 2-1
2012 1-2
2013 0-4
2014 2-2

15-13 overall

Doesn't seem like a foregone conclusion to me. It's worth mentioning that the 3-0 was without Ben.

Anonymous said...

What makes this a tough schedule is not the records themselves but also the fact that we're playing the two divisions with most of the west coast teams. That takes a toll, travelling west so much. Last time our steelers did it was in 2003, Cowher's worst record and the worst record overall since who remembers when. Something to take in consideration. But yeah, no teams are the same the year after. What I know for sure it, this is no 2011 nor 2014, there wont be 3 afc north teams in the post season. Heck, two seems like a stretch right now!

SBK said...


Granted they seem to not play well on the west coast except San Diego if I recall, but 2003 we had Faneca playing LT, our O-line was decimated by injuries.


Dale Lolley said...

I remember when they were supposed to go 1-3 or 0-4 without Roethlisberger for a month. They went 3-1 and could have been 4-0. Everybody else raised their game because they knew they weren't going to have him. The defense played well above its ability in those four games - even though it was a good D - and they leaned heavily on Mendenhall.

Steve-O said...

The Steelers' schedule won't keep them from the playoffs. It all comes down to the play of the defense. If Jarvis Jones and Ryan Shazier finally reach their potential and Worilds is resigned, then we have a chance. Add in a top flight rookie CB and we'll have enough to compete with anyone.

adamg said...

Looks like Balt and Cincy have tougher road schedules than Pgh, if for nothing more than having to go to Denver.

John Kang said...

We do better against good competition. Bring it!