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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Week 2 of OTAs wraps up

The Steelers finished off the second week of their OTAs this week and it's been pretty uneventful, which is good.

For a look at what can go wrong in these things, look no farther than the Denver Broncos, who lost starting left tackle Ryan Clady during their OTAs.

The Steelers had perfect attendance at their OTAs until Wednesday and Thursday when both James Harrison and Ryan Shazier missed.

That leads me to believe that head coach Mike Tomlin drove the point home with this team that he wanted everyone to be there as much as possible.

In previous years, it was not unusual for five to 10 veteran players to miss these "voluntary" sessions.

Things come up that sometimes makes it hard for everyone to be there. But this team is making a point of being there.

@ It's interesting that the Steelers took the time this week to take a look at Devin Gardner and Tyler Murphy as quarterbacks as well as wide receivers.

Could Mike Tomlin be thinking about trying to steal a roster spot by having one of the two or both in the mix for the No. 3 QB position?


With teams more likely to try some two-point conversions this year, it might not hurt to have a dual-threat QB on the roster, as well.

But from what I've seen thus far, none of the QBs behind Ben Roethlisberger or Bruce Gradkowski, who isn't doing much in these workouts, is showing much of anything - including Landry Jones.

@ Looking for an early sleeper to make the roster? How about California University wide receiver C.J. Goodwin.

Goodwin spent last season on the practice squad, where he wowed teammates seemingly once a week with a leaping catch. The 6-3 receiver has a 40-plus-inch vertical.

He told me that season on the practice squad really helped his confidence and helped him polish his game.

Can he beat out Darrius Heyward-Bey for the fifth spot? That's unlikely, since DHB is a solid special teams guy, but injuries can change things quickly.

Regardless, Goodwin's route running looks to have improved mightily and caught up with his athleticism.


kelly said...

I understand that DHB is solid on special teams, but is Goodwin not a potential contributor there?

emac2 said...

Do the steelers have more or less dedicated special teams guys then other clubs?

It seems like a lot of bubble guys are just here because they are above average on special teams. Others are talked about as having roster spots dependant on their special teams play.

If DHB and Ventrone make the roster over Holiman and Galloway it seems crazy for it to be just based on special teams ability.

Dale Lolley said...

Why? Special teams is important. Have you forgotten 2009? That was a debacle.

datruth4life said...

Dale, Lawrence Timmons have 2 more years on his deal at $24M and will be 31 years old when this deal is done. Do you think these will be his last 2 in Pittsburgh with Vince Williams or Spence manning that spot for a lot less money? Also, do you think Ventrone, DHB, and T. Garvin are keepers on this squad this year?

Zeke R said...

Not po!! Please never say 09.

Anonymous said...

ah great example Dale. After 09 we went in a frenzy for good special teamsers. Will allen does notplay as much but guys like ventrone have filled his spot, arnaz battle lasted only one season but DHB does all he did great and even better than him! I wouldn't throw either off the roster till someone can do hat they can BETTER than them

Dale Lolley said...

They would have to give Williams or Spence a second contract for them to still be here when that happens with Timmons, so there's a lot of unknown there. Timmons has been very durable and he's coming off a Pro Bowl season. You don't kick that guy to the curb.

I think Garvin has a good shot of making it, same for DHB. Ventrone is more of a long shot, but the team really liked what he did when they signed him off the PS last year. He was making two or three special teams tackles per game, seemingly. If he didn't make the tackle, he was the first guy down there. He'll be a tough cut.

DD said...

Special teams are vastly underrated. It is an overlooked unit that gets no respect but kills your team if it is inept. I fully support keeping guys who excel there.

Zeke R said...

Since it's slow, I'll ask a question. Why does peezy cut the bottom of his pants that makes it look he is wearing the Incredible Hulk pants.

Anonymous said...

Cause he's too freakin huge to be contained by pants fool! The shear act of his wearing them slowly causes them to fall apart!

Zeke R said...

LOL Thanks Anonymous, I guess wearing shorts is out of the question then..

Mike Frazer said...

Peezy's "shorts" are just pants that have already deteriorated.

datruth4life said...

Dale, I think Ventrone sticks because he's a 5th safety that can help you win games now with his special teams play. Unless Gerod Holliman all of a sudden shows that he has the tackling and special teams skills to match the way he plays the ball, then I can more realistically see him on the practice squad. In Holliman's favor, he's only 20 years old and the Steelers do like'em young and talented. A redshirt year in this D might be the best thing for him but it's up to him what he does with this opportunity. Same with Shamarko. He probably won't get a better chance to make a name for himself within the NFL than the opportunity he has right now.

Has any other young player caught your eye in these 'football in shorts' sessions other than Goodwin?

Anonymous said...

As cryptic as the defensive coaches have been this offseason, they probably have to keep Ventrone. At least through the first game. His bro is a Patriot coach.

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