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Monday, July 06, 2015

Pittsburgh Super Bowl, I don't think so

The Steelers officially put in a bid to host a future Super Bowl last week, but I don't see that happening.

There are a number of reasons but the first is hotel rooms available. If you took the whole greater Pittsburgh area, you might have enough hotel rooms to host a Super Bowl.

But anyone who has to attempt, for example, to get from Washington to Monroeville can tell you that there's no good way to do so at certain times of the day. The city is just not easily navigated.

Another problem would be finding places for both teams to practice in the week before the Super Bowl.

One team could certainly use the Steelers' indoor facility. But it is shared with Pitt, the city's only Division I football program.

The other team might be forced to go all the way to Morgantown to find a suitable indoor practice facility.

And given that the Super Bowl is played in February, you have to plan on bad weather.

Another issue would be playing the game on grass in February in the northeast.

There are a lot of issues that would need to be resolved before the city could host such an event, of which these are just a few.

So while it sounds nice to make an attempt at a Super Bowl. It's unlikely Pittsburgh would be chosen.

* ranked all 32 presumptive starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Ben Roethlisberger ranked fifth behind, in order, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

Three of those guys, I don't have a problem with, though Manning's finish to last season wasn't exactly stellar. I do have an issue with Luck being there.

Luck is good. But he doesn't have one thing the other four guys, including Roethlisberger, have - a Super Bowl ring.

That's kind of important. Seriously, the rankings had Joe Flacco, who has been erratic since his 2012 postseason ranked eighth based on that playoff run.

As for me, I'd have Rodgers first, Brady second, Manning third and then Roethlisberger.


Anonymous said...


Thank you as always for your updates!! For us, out of the area people, we couldn't appreciate you more!! I am going to side with the enemy here a bit (kills me to even do it). #1abc, Manning, Ben, Brady (I could not put Brady's name above Manning or Ben, I just dislike the Pat's that much, but respect them (not really, I am soooo torn, lol). Okay, enough venting. they are 3 different QB's.

a. Manning has just been the general for years (Montana-like, in my eyes). We can't degrade Manning now that he is getting old. He had some years that just blew your mind away.

b. Ben--- The heck with football, you would have gone to war with someone like him. In a brutal fight, you knew (bloodied and beaten) he still gave you a chance to win.

c. Brady (please forgive me Steeler gods)- just seen the guy choose to take control of game that looked to be over and imposed his will (spit spit spit)

4. I just didn't see enough of his games, I think he is good, but not the caliber of the top three.

Steeler fan in Atl....

Anonymous said...

Sorry, multi-tasking, 4. is Rodgers.

Steeler fan in Atl

Anonymous said...

If you're talking about QBs today, not based on previous seasons, but purely what you expect them to do this season, Manning and Brady aren't in the top 5.

joe said...

i can't comment on the distance to the stadium from hotels, but i'm not sure why so many complain about possible cold weather at the super bowl ? sure the nfl likes to have the super bowl in miami and new orleans so people can walk around to all the "attractions" the nfl sets up. plenty of us actually like cold weather football and couldn't care less about the "attractions" who didn't like the snow in chicago in 05?

the nfls's thought process screws some great football cities, green bay, pittsburgh, chicago. we say play the game in those cold weather cities. don't care if deon sanders has to wear a coat when he is babbling on and on at halftime!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Pittsburgh would be a bad venue for a SB. Our field is in horrible shape sometimes, the city is small and you're right about the practice field issues.

I agree that Ben is better than Luck today. I find it hard to evaluate Luck though, his team is terrible and he has hardly any talent around him.

The elite QB's are Rodgers, Brady and (when healthy) Manning. There is a big drop off after them and the remaining QB's.

Anonymous said...

If the superbowl was all about what happens on the field instead of an "event" then pittsburgh greenbay chicago et al would be the top choices; But it's not, it's all about the ratings and the amount of tickets sold and the celebrities and the interviews and the media day and the on and on and on that have nothing to do with the final scoreboard of the season!

so yeah, pie dream

joe said...

that's what i, and many don't like about the super bowl two week fiasco. i realize that is more important to the nfl, too bad though. i really don't care about peoples comfort at the super bowl, plenty of people attend cold weather games during the regular season

Patrick said...

The lack of talent on Indy is actually incredible. If luck were on a better team, he would be in the top 3 argument. He's going to win multiple Super Bowls if they can start drafting right.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be cheaper and a better alternative if the city just built temporary docks to accommodate river cruise ships. They'd be like mobile/temporary hotels. Better than building a bunch of hotels that will end up vacant after that one time event. And they would be right there by the stadium.

Anonymous said...

Luck is the best qb in the league, what a dumb thing for you to complain about

Dale Lolley said...

No, they're not putting in river cruise ships. The insurance that they'd have to pay alone would be ridiculous.

And, as stated, there are more issues than just hotels.

man kely said...
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man kely said...
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Shahed Moni said...
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Mark said...

Instead of the Super Bowl, get the NFL Draft.
Arrange for the college kids to have tours of Canton, and to see what six trophies look like.

Anonymous said...

1. Rodgers 2. Luck 3. Brady 4. Ben 5. Wilson 6. Peyton 7. Brees 8. Flacco 9. Eli 10. Romo/Rivers/Cam

Rings definitely matter, current Talent matters more