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Monday, May 01, 2006

Luck be a lady

Sorry I didn't post over the weekend, but the blog was down for some reason: again.

Anyway, I've been asked a thousand times if I was surprised the Steelers traded up in the first round of the draft. Not at all. In fact, in my final mock draft in this newspaper, I said the Giants were the Steelers' likely trade partners. I was surprised who they were able to get by trading up.

I figured Denver, New England or Philadelphia would take Santonio Holmes before the Steelers got a shot at him.

None did and the Steeler got the best wide receiver available.

Talk about your good luck.

Here's a list of the rookie free agents the team signed Monday:

Player Pos. Ht. Wt. College
1. Zach Baker S 6-2 212 East Carolina

2. Mark Brubaker K 6-0 189 East Stroudsburg State

3. Jonathan Dekker TE 6-5 250 Princeton

4. Nick Hagemann OT 6-7 295 South Dakota State

5. Mike Kudla LB 6-3 265 Ohio State

6. Jamar Landrom S 6-3 215 Tennessee State

7. Mike Lorello S 6-1 205 West Virginia

8. Grayling Love OG 6-3 296 Arizona State

9. Anthony Madison CB 5-9 180 Alabama

10. Scott Paxson DT 6-4 292 Penn State

11. Isaac Smolko TE 6-5 257 Penn State

12. Lee Vickers DE 6-6 270 North Alabama


Captain Cocktail said...

I didn't mind the Holmes pick..that was a great pick and worth the move up. I don't understand the Smith pick at all. Being a big Big East watcher..Smith doesn't impress me at all. Colbert and Cowher must seen something I'm not to pick him over Bing and Simpson.

Glad to see the Steelers are giving Lorello a shot..hope he makes at least the practice squad.

Dale Lolley said...

Smith made plays all over the field for a horrid football team. He stood out in every game I saw him.

Captain Cocktail said...

Come on Dale you telling me you would have picked Smith over Bing and Simpson?
He stood out because he was the only one moving on the Syracuse team and getting thrown on. He was a mediocre player on a horrid team..I rather have a good or great player on any team. He has a bad tendency to turn his back to the QB....the NFL isn't the Big East..he'll get burned doing that in the pros. I could be wrong but I think this was a bad pick.

Dale Lolley said...

The word on Simpson was that he wasn't very bright and the Steelers didn't feel he would be able to pick up the intracies of their defense. As for Bing, his stock dropped the closer we got to the draft. Many teams questioned his coverage ability - hence Oakland's decision to move him to linebacker.