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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Minicamp opens

A few random thoughts from the opening of minicamp today:

Santonio Holmes looks like the real deal. On the second play of team drills, he blew past Ike Taylor on a fly pattern and was settling under a long pass from Ben Roethlisberger when Taylor reached out and grabbed Holmes' jersey. It would have been about a 40-yard penalty in a game. He looks smooth in and out of his cuts as well.

Omar Jacobs has some work to do before he's ready to be an NFL passer. Jacobs stuggles coming out from under center and fumbled a couple of snaps. His passes also tended to come in low no matter where he threw the ball.

In a typical Bill Cowher move, Tyrone Carter opened camp as the No. 1 free safety. It won't be long before Ryan Clark replaces him, though.


tannybrown said...

Thanks for the minicamp updates, Dale. I was wondering if your comments were a knock on Carter (who I actually like, probably because we're the same height and weight and he gives me hope that I'll be able to play in the league someday) or does Smith look like a player. Free safeties don't typically get the starting job quickly with Cowher.

Captain Cocktail said...

Holmes play during mini-camp got me excited.

Dale Lolley said...

I like Smith from what I saw of him in college, but haven't seen enough of him yet in camp to draw much of an opinion yet.