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Monday, November 20, 2006

Ain't easy being Peazy

He may not be the player he once was, but Steelers linebacker Joey Porter is still the focal point of a lot of the anger from opposing teams.

Sunday was no different as Peazy spent the entire pregame jawing with Browns, most notably Kellen Winslow.

Some would say it was too bad Porter and Winslow didn’t fight the way he and William Green did a couple of years ago. Had Porter and Winslow gotten themselves ejected before the game, that would have been a win for the Steelers.

© That’s not to say Porter isn’t still good for a great quote.

After the game Sunday, Porter had this to say about the Browns: “They can’t beat us. They talk like they’re a different team, but they’re not.”

Think that one will be on the bulletin boards in Cleveland for the rematch in a couple of weeks?

© If there was any question about how important Troy Polamalu is to the Steelers’ defense, he showed exactly how valuable he is on Cleveland’s possession after Pittsburgh scored to cut Cleveland’s lead to 20-17.

Polamalu had a sack, then assisted Casey Hampton in tackling Cleveland running back Jason Wright for a 2-yard gain before knocking down a Charlie Frye pass on a blitz for single-handedly force the Browns to punt the ball back to the Steelers.

He was also the guy that broke up the Browns’ last-second pass into the end zone to end the game.

© Santonio Holmes is going to be a very good receiver in this league. Because of his lack of height he’ll probably never be a great receiver, but the kid is really starting to get a feel for Ben Roethlisberger.

And Roethlisberger is getting more comfortable with Holmes as well. Watching Holmes and Roethlisberger scramble simultaneously before Holmes’ 20-yard touchdown catch was a thing of beauty.

© Believe it or not, after Sean Morey hit the Browns for a 76-yard kick return, they started kicking the ball away from him.

© Bill Cowher obviously has no faith in his coverage teams any longer. How else can you explain those final two kickoffs?

The Steelers would have been better served to just have Jeff Reed kick the ball directly at Browns coach Romeo Crennel on the sidelines and give Cleveland the ball at the 40.

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