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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Baltimore bashing

There wasn’t much good to come out of this game. Ben Roethlisberger was walking with a noticeable limp afterward and Troy Polamalu has what head coach Bill Cowher termed, “a serious knee injury.”

But Polamalu was walking around the locker room with more ease than Roethlisberger, so go figure.

Polamalu will likely be out for two weeks with a sprained MCL.

© Hines Ward will be out for at least two games as well after having surgery to repair a broken bone in his knee.

Things are really coming together now.

© I won’t completely fault just the offensive line for the high number of sacks Sunday. On several occasions guys were coming in untouched. And that’s a problem with the scheme, which can be attributed to the coaching.

The same goes for the way the Ravens gashed the Steelers with their running game in the first half.

© So let’s see, they got outplayed physically and outcoached. Yep, that pretty much sums up a 27-0 beating.

© If you didn’t blink, you got to see the changes Cowher made on the kickoff coverage unit.

It largely consisted of putting Chad Brown out there for Anthony Smith.

The Steelers only got to kick off once, though, so we don’t know if that’s a full-time change.

© Brett Keisel was back on kickoff return teams and the Steelers averaged just 15.0 yards per return. So much for that experiment.

© Not only did the Ravens have nine sacks, they also had nine quarterback hurries and 10 pass defenses. The Steelers had no sacks, one pass defense and one hurry. Both the hurry and the pass defense came on the same play when Keisel came through and batted down a Steve McNair pass.

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