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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mozes at Senior Bowl

Here's what the scouts are saying about Washington-native Dan Mozes at the Senior Bowl practices this week:

Dan Mozes OL West Virginia 602 3/8 300 31 1/2 vertical 10 standing long jump
Weigh-In Notes: Solid but room for improvement.

Monday Practice Notes: Battles off the ball with big, strong hands. Sets up very well after the snap, and can be a primary blocker with his speed. Did have trouble with DTs swimming over him.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Mozes was unfortunately the first lineman whom got thrown around like a rag doll on a couple of occasions. He was not strong at the point today and could not hold his ground very well. One of his problems as seen is his inability to shoot his hands which does not help his situation. Not only played his traditional center spot, but some action at guard this morning.

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