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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Updated odds

Updated coaching odds:

Russ Grimm (2-1) Grimm is still the favorite. The Steelers denied Arizona the opportunity to speak to wide receivers coach Bruce Arians this week. If Grimm gets the job, Arians would be his offensive coordiantor.

Mike Tomlin (6-1) At 34, Tomlin is the youngest of the Steelers' three finalists. He has impressed with his demeanor and public personna. But he's also only been a coordinator for one year. Is he ready yet?

Ron Rivera (8-1) If the Bears beat New Orleans Sunday, Rivera's chances may get even worse since the Steelers would have to wait two more weeks to talk to him. They are patient, but will they be that patient. If the Bears lose and their defense looks bad, it could also affect how he is viewed. It's almost a no-win situation.


BURGH said...

I enjoy your odds, but respectfully disagree on Rivera.

How can it be 'viewed' when a guy is your Assistant Head Coach, goes through two interviews (including the six hour session this week) and not be named by the end of the week?

Furthermore, I think the Steelers would do a greater disservice if they made a press release on 1/15 stating Rivera made the 'narrowed list of candidates', only to not have the same opportunities because his team is successful enough to get to the Super Bowl.

I understand that happens in the NFL, but part of the reason the Steelers have had two head coaches since 1969 is because of their patience and loyalties to their way of doing things. I don't think they will veer from that if the Bears win Sunday.

Just my two cents. I think Rivera will get his second interview. It's just a matter of time when he gets it.

BURGH said...

Well, I guess my thoughts were just blown up!

Dale Lolley said...

I specifically asked about why they didn't wait for Rivera and was told by Art II that they felt they had their man and didn't need to. I was a little curious about that as well since if they felt they had their man, why did they name Rivera as a finalist?

BURGH said...

One of the things that concern me a bit is the coaching staff selections. I'm not as concerned on the defensive side (and think the 3-4 vs. 4-3 has some points but is more talk show fodder and totally overblown).

My concern is more on the offensive coaching selections. Bruce Arians I understand with his promtion, and am willing to look past the Cleveland tenure because of the overall talent.

That said, I'm curious as to why Whipple was not retained, and Ken Anderson was brought in. Anderson doesn't really jump out at me with his coaching credentials, and I think was a Wide Receivers coach in Jacksonville?

Add to that the need to replace Hoak and a new Wide Receivers coach, and that could really be critical for this team's new era.