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Friday, July 27, 2007

Isn't that special

It seems even the players and some coaches are getting a little tired of the specials teams work that has been going on here at the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp.

Most of the offensive line, all of the quarterbacks, wide receiver Hines Ward and rookie linebacker Lawrence Timmons, who’s out with a groin injury, left practice after just 10 minutes Friday morning to go watch film. Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians and line coach Larry Zierlein were leading the troops off. I’m not sure where Timmons fits into that group, however.

The defensive line - save rookies Ryan McBean and Derrick Jones – also got a get out of jail early card and left halfway through the practice to go watch film.

Santonio Holmes and Verron Haynes were both sliding well working out together on the side and it can’t be much longer for them to get out on the playing field.

That's about all I've got this morning. It was just an hour long practice and the rain is coming.


thempirates said...

So are guys like Ward dressing up, putting on pads, coming out ready for full-on practice, and then being sent in after 10 minutes?

Mike S. said...

Sounds like there sure has been an emphasis on special teams. I will be excited to see if they get the night practice in tonight with the weather being questionable.

Dale Lolley said...

Yeah, the guys are getting dressed up, coming out and spending 10 to 30 minutes there. I can't imagine that they're happy about it - thought they're not complaining… yet.