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Saturday, July 28, 2007

What I've learned

I'm back in Washington today, so I won't be attending Saturday afternoon's practice. It's the first one I've missed in this camp, so cut me a little slack. Everybody else out here - save my good friend Jim Wexell - takes regular days off. I don't, but I was called back to work in the office tonight. Guess you'll have to complain to the powers that be here at the paper about that one.

Anyway, since I'm not witnessing practice today, I thought it would be a good time to update you on the youngesters I've seen that I like.

Big tackle Jason Capizzi has shown me something as a blocker. He's got good feet and has held his own blocking both James Harrison and Brett Keisel.

Carey Davis, the first-year running back out of Illinois, is getting a strong look from the team. He's lining up as a wing on the line for the first team punt coverage unit and Friday night they started looking at him as a fullback as well. That has to mean the kid has a shot.

On the other hand, Kevan Barlow looks like he's got nothing in the tank. That, coupled with what I learned about his lack of character, leads me to believe he has not shot of making this team.

New punter Daniel Sepulveda kicks the ball a very, very long way. In fact, I'd be tempted if I were the Steelers, to have him drop kick the ball on kickoffs rather than have Jeff Reed tee it up. His leg is that strong. He's also had no trouble as the holder, something that cost Mike Barr the job last year in favor of Chris Gardocki.


Woodchuck said...

I here the new punter is as big as a house! So why not line him up as the drop kicker/wedge breaker!!

Keep up the good work!

Dale Lolley said...

The new punter is bigger than the No. 1 draft pick. In fact, both of their punters are. Go figure.