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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spygate ended?

We learned earlier this week that after meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Matt Walsh had no new information on the Patriots' spying case.

That's actually not all that surprising. And it's not all that surprising that Steelers owner Dan Rooney is again saying this should put the issue to rest.

The NFL wants in the worst way for this to go away, The league knows that there were other teams involved in similar things over the years. Hence Goodell's memo to the league's teams saying that he wanted this stuff to stop – before the Patriots were caught.

With the money involved in this, don't expect a smoking gun to turn up. Too many people with far too much power and money have too much at stake for that to happen.


Wieters said...

To quote John Rambo, "Nothing is over!"

adamg said...

Goodell goofed big time by destroying the evidence practically as soon as he got it. IMHO, Specter's not nearly so offended about the spying aspect as he is about the evidence being destroyed. Arlen's an ex-DA and the destruction of the evidence really frosts him as a former professional prosecutor.