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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Mini-camp thoughts

It appears that Limas Sweed's career with the Steelers is probably over after he suffered an Achilles tendon injury on Sunday during the final day of the Steelers three-day mini-camp.

The initial diagnosis is a ruptured Achilles tendon for Sweed, who was coming back from being placed on injured reserve at the end of last season due to personal problems.

We'll now likely never know if Sweed was going to turn things around after two unproductive seasons with the Steelers. The former second-round pick was heading into his third season facing a make-or-break situation and, being a wide receiver, running fast is pretty important.

It's likely Sweed will be placed on injured reserve, a move that will likely mean he's played his last game with the Steelers.

© Don't read too much into Byron Leftwich getting most of the snaps with the first-team offense.

That's a move that was made to get him acclimated as soon as possible for an upcoming training camp battle with Dennis Dixon to see who replaces Ben Roethlisberger the first month of the season.

Leftwich certainly has the experience factor working in his favor. Dixon has the athletic edge.

I think eventually the team will settle on Dixon. It's a lot easier to start him and replace him with Leftwich if Dixon falters than it is the other way around.

Leftwich is accustomed to coming off the bench at this point in his career. Dixon is not.


Anonymous said...

I feel really bad for Sweed. I was hoping he turned it around and became the player I thought he would be coming out of College. I wish him the best of luck.

And I hope you're right with Dixon. With his athletic ability I feel confident he can win us some games. I just hope BA calls the right plays that suit his abilities, not like the game against Bmore.


Adam said...

Here's to hoping you're wrong about Sweed. I was very excited about him this year, and hopefully he gets another chance next year.

adamg said...

That is too bad about Sweed. All reports are that he is a great kid and hard-worker. A real tough break.

James said...

yup, im hoping he gets another shot next year. altho, if he wasnt gonna change, this is a pretty fortunate injury. I'm looking for jemarcus russell to break something before he has a chance to get cut by the raiders. big $$$$$$$$

Patrick said...

Does anyone else think this might extend Sweed's career here? If he goes on IR, he can't be cut this season, which he faced a strong possiblity of given that Battle is a better ST player.

If they have to pay him anyway this year, they might as well see what he brings to the table next year. If Wallace, El, Battle or either of the rookies shows little during the season, Sweed might have a chance again next year.

He may be done, but I don't think it is a definite.

Unless Dixon is flat out outplayed, there is no reason why he shouldn't get the starts. He is clearly more athletic and doesn't throw the ball like a wind up toy like Leftwich does - with the Steelers oline pass protection that is only going to lead to problems, whereas Dixon might have the ability to make a play.

Leftwich was brought in as insurance and to make sure Dixon doesn't get too comfortable with the idea that he is a 4 game starter. Between Leftwhich or Batch, one of them isn't making it through the season.

adamg said...

Actually, iirc, the OL preferred pass blocking for Lefty because they knew where he was and he told them the ball would be gone in 3 secs or less. I don't recall the OL giving up any sacks in the games when he came in at QB. Lefty might have a longer wind up, but the ball gets out of his hand and down the field in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Limas has been tall these last couple of years.

Anonymous said...

The staff knows Dixon isn't the answer. Read EVERYTHING into Leftwich getting every single first-team snap in five practices.

marc said...

yeah, i think you have to read something into it if he actually did get ALL the first team snaps. you don't need to go exclusively with the first team to get re-acclimated with the offense.

the coaches are either very confident in lefty right now or they're sending a message to dixon.

adamg said...

Yeah, I think the coaches have a lot of confidence in Lefty. He played well when he was in. They did want to re-sign him last year, but he went to TB for the chance to start.

I expect Lefty to start and I think that the message to BR is that the team will be fine without him.

other_patrick said...

You guys should put on a clinic for Overthinking 101.

Tomlin has said that all the 3 backups will get a chance to run with the 1st teamers.

Anonymous said...

Dale, any word on Sweed's condition today?

Tim said...

If he really tore his achilles, he probably will be put on IR, or at least be out so long that he loses his roster spot and it'll seem like it. I hope it's just a pull or sprain or something like that.

My question is why wouldn't they give him another shot next year? He's not making much money, and assuming he can recover from the injury and run again, he still has as much potential as ever. Yes, he hasn't produced, but he hasn't had much of a chance yet, and he's a had a lot of bad luck.

I don't see the harm in bringing him in to compete in 2011. Just lower your expectations, treat him like Tyler Grisham or Dallas Baker, and give him a chance. Maybe he'll blow some socks off. I think he's a lot more likely to do that than Arnaz Battle or Antonio Brown.

adamg said...

Sweed has either a ruptured or torn achilles tendon and had surgery to repair it either yesterday or today. He won't play this year and has been put on IR.

Adam said...

I read on the Post-Gazette that Sweed had the surgery and could come back by August. Any word?
I'm terribly saddened by this injury. The stars were aligning for him to come in and be great this year. If he is out, it's very disappointing.

Adam said...

Along those lines, I am hoping that if he is out he will be back next year. Any word on if he will remain with the team? I hope so!

Anonymous said...

The stars were aligning for Sweed to get cut. He's now been spared.

Anonymous said...

"Peter King, the outstanding NFL writer for Sports Illustrated,...."

You lost me right there.