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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Steelers bring in new long snapper

In an interesting move on their final day of OTA practices - the last two days aren't really practices - the Steelers added long snapper and linebacker Matt Stewart for a one-year deal. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Stewart (6-3, 236) was originally drafted as a linebacker by the Atlanta Falcons in the fourth round of the 2001 NFL Draft out of Vanderbilt. A six-year veteran, Stewart played in 15 games as a rookie and 16 games the following season for the Falcons at linebacker. He also spent time on the Cleveland Browns’ active roster (2005-07) and was in the Arizona Cardinals (2008) and Dallas Cowboys (2009) training camps before being released.

The Steelers made room for Stewart on their roster by releasing veteran long snapper Jared Retkofsky.

The move shows that they likely feel Greg Warren, who suffered a season-ending knee injury last year, is healthy enough to hold down the position this season.


Anonymous said...

Since OTA's are coming to a close,
what is your take on Isaac Redman vs Jonathan Dwyer, vs Frank the Tank, vs Logan. Which one of these guys looks most likely to make the team? (understanding that training camp and preseason will likely be the major determinant.)

James said...


are these videos being released by the GBI gonna pick the scab off the Big Ben situation?

Dale Lolley said...

Honestly, Dwyer looks really good. But you don't really know until the hitting starts.
I think Logan will definitely be the odd man out. Both rookie wideouts they drafted also return, as does Randle El.

As for the videos, I found the girl kind of unconvincing - at least in the one that I watched. I'm no expert, but I feel like she was a little too rehearsed and way too calm as she went back through things.

Patrick said...

I'm on record as not being a Tomlin fan. And if Leftwich starts over Dixon, Tomlin is just making another bad decision. There is no way you can convince me that the guy who couldn't crack the starting lineup behind Josh Johnson and Josh Freeman (and the Bucs oline isn't horrible either) gives a better chance to win than the guy who went into Baltimore on prime time with hardly any notice and almost won the game.

Veteran experience favors Leftwich? Can't buy that, Dixon is in his 3rd year in the same offense. This move is just stupid and I'm honestly starting to hope that Tomlin doesn't get an extension.

Dale Lolley said...

Leftwich opened as a starter in TB. The team decided that since it sucked, it might as well suck with the rookie and let him learn on the job.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dale!

and who knows, maybe Dixon wins the jobs. Maybe tomlin wants HIM to earn it. It's obvious he has more talent than Byron, but tomlin wants him to get even better. And announcing byron as the starter for TRAINING CAMP, is perfect motivation imo

And if he doesn't have the drive to win the job, we know we have a good/average game manager in leftwich

Patrick said...

they still signed him to start. Hes not a very good QB. He was decent in the few game hes played in 2008 but it certaintly wasn't a full body of work. Leftwhich was brilliant in Atlana too. Over 4 games we'll see what Byron has to offer and its not a lot. Dixon however has shown better potential.

The only reason for Dixon not stating is inexperience. But is he ever going to get it? This is a perfect opportunity for Dixon and for the Steelers to see what they have in him. It could lead to a nice Schaub type trade for them too, though I'm not really advocating that.

If Leftwich is there to manage a game, Dixon could easily do that and then some. I don't get the move.

Anonymous said...

I personally can't stand Leftwich's play. I think he's an immobile, rocket-armed thrower with one speed to his passes. The dude isn't a winner and never has been. But to question Tomlin's decision is, while your right as a fan, comepletely silly. You have absolutely no idea what's going on right now with the OTAs and the team. You aren't there. Give it a rest. It's June. If he's starting him in September, then yeah, he's making a poor choice.

You Tomlin haters crack me up. All he does is come in and win a SB in his second year and that's apparently not enough. I guess we should fire him since he didn't make the playoffs last year. Oh wait, the players still have to PERFORM. The defense still has to f***ing stop someone.

Patrick said...

I think its obvious Tomlin is planning to start Leftwich barring an injury or complete melt down.

I don't like Tomlin for numerous reasons. We could go on forever about this. I think this is another poor decision on his part that isn't in the best interests of the team.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I had defended patrick in the past when everyone called him, many things, but right now you're just being irrational. His decision is not in the best interests of the team? How do YOU know that?

It is NOT obvious he wants leftwich to start. For all we know he wants dixon to earn it, or take it away from byron. More competition, the harder the young guy will work

You just don't like leftwich and you like dixon. It's that simple. But you twist that into saying tomlin has an agenda against dixon, because you apparently don't like tomlin and anything bad you say about him is true in your mind

Get your head outta your *** bro. Seriously

Patrick said...

"And if Leftwich starts over Dixon, Tomlin is just making another bad decision."

Where did I twist it or say he has an agenda? Clearly, I said IF he starts Leftwich, he is making a bad decision.

Tomlin's only "agenda" is so far it seems clear who the starter will be. But go ahead and keep beleiving that Tomlin has some magical motiviational plan.