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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ike Taylor is burning

Some are surprised that potential free agent cornerback Ike Taylor went on Jim Rome is Burning and stated that he wouldn't be giving a hometown discount if/when a free agent period begins in the NFL.

No real surprise there.

Had Taylor said he would give a hometown discount, his agent would lose a good deal of leverage with the Steelers.

It's all part of the free agency game, when teams, players and agents say one thing even though they are willing to do another.

Does this mean the Steelers are going to re-sign Taylor for peanuts? Nope.

But the bet is that if they come close to any potential offer Taylor receives on the open market - assuming it's not crazy money - he'll be back in Pittsburgh.


Patrick said...

He's gone - he will get blown away by the team that didn't get Nmandi. $10 mil less than what he gets is still going to knock Ike's socks off.

Hope Curtis Brown is ready to roll or its going to look the days of Chad Scott and Dewayne Washington again.

Robbie said...

It's just agent-speak. Nothing worth reading into right now.

I'm not getting worked up over it. If Ike re-signs, great. If he doesn't re-sign, the Steelers will finally be in position to draft a stud CB because they'll be picking near the top 10.

Anonymous said...

Really? 1 player will leave us picking in the top 10? You're crazy bro

as long as this team has big ben that will never happen.

One player doesn't make or break a team. He makes us much better, but he's not the difference between us winning a superbowl and being a losing team

Robbie said...

I know, just poking some fun at the "hope you enjoy getting lit up by every QB we play next year"/"OMG worst secondary in the NFL" self-loathing yinzer crowd.

Anonymous said...

See ya Swaggin'. Maybe if you could actually catch a ball you could demand top dollar...It's not the player who wins championships, it's the team.

marc said...

this is one of those situaitons we have to give the benefit of the doubt to the steelers and that they know what they are doing. they must be operating under one of the following:

1. they assume they will resign taylor.
2. they assume the young guys are ready to fill in.
3. they assume they will be able to sign a quality FA.

whatever it is, the other AFC North teams are preparing to attack the steelers through the air in the foreseeable future. in the first 4 rounds of the last draft each of those teams drafted 2 offensive players to bolster their passing game. if any team next season comes out and tries to run the ball consistently against the steelers, that may very well be the worst coached team in the league.

datruth4life said...


Here's hoping that they not only resign Taylor, but will double-dip in free agency and sign another corner like Chris Carr of the Ravens. He'd be an upgrade over William Gay (who they finally can let go) and compete with B. McFadden and C. Butler to start opposite of Ike (if he is resigned).

Carr's 27 years old, has started some games in this league and done well, and is excellent on special teams.

He turned down the Steelers to sign with the Ravens two years ago for a 2-year, $5M contract. Maybe something similar would be enough to get him to Pittsburgh. I doubt he resigns with the Ravens because they have D. Foxworth returning as a starter after injury, traded a draft pick for Josh Wilson this past year to start (he's also a free agent like Carr) and drafted Jimmy Smith to be a starter.

I think Carr would be a great addition and under the radar signing, like Mewelde Moore was a few years ago. Thoughts?

Dale Lolley said...

I liked Carr as a possible signing a couple of years ago when he was a free agent. I wouldn't be opposed to it, but don't be surprised if Taylor does happen to sign elsewhere that the Steelers make a push to sign Gay.

marc said...

if the steelers lose taylor and re-sign gay that's not like settling for an old girlfriend, more like settling for an old groupie that got beat with the ugly stick.

datruth4life said...


That would be beyond horrible and bordering on cruel and unusual punishment. If Ike leaves, it needs to be a pkg deal where he has to take Willie Gay with him. We've all seen enough of "Lack of a Big Play" Willie Gay.

Anonymous said...

If Gay is our only option as a starter on this team if Ike leaves then we are in a world of hurt.

Anonymous said...

If Gay is the only option at CB, I can only think of one word:


Dale Lolley said...

I'm just telling you, that's the Steelers' way. Don't be surprised if that happens.

Anonymous said...

The steelers way recently has been to pay aging vets who still play at a high level. Like Taylor.

adamg said...

Dale, I read a report recently that Emanuel Sanders has had 2 operations on his foot that was broken in the SB. That doesn't sound like a good thing. Can you tell us what you know about how he's doing?

Dale Lolley said...

He did have two surgeries. The Steelers feel good about them. But they haven't had contact with him, so there are no guarantees.

datruth4life said...

Limas Sweed to the rescue (or not!)

kelly said...

Two surgeries doesn't sound good, but it may not be that bad. The second one could have just been a clean up or minor maintenance??