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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ward wins DWS

I had to break down and watch Dancing With the Stars. Luckily - or unluckily - my wife had all the episodes on the DVR, so I could keep track of what Hines Ward was doing on the show without actually having to watch the whole bloody thing.

Ward obviously showed that he is a great athlete to be able to pull off many of the moves he did throughout the season. He also got quite a bit of support from his teammates and former teammates - and Steelers nation.

It will be interesting to see how his DWS win changes things for Ward. He's always been a guy opposing fans love to hate.

He's also become something more of a household name because of the show.

I've always found Ward to be a genuine guy who's played with a chip on his shoulder because he's never been the biggest, fastest or most talented player on the field.

He's now graduated to superstardom.


adamg said...

Assuming he's invited to Ben's wedding reception, he'll be the most in demand dance partner there. :)

Anonymous said...

This story reminds me of how Lynn Swann used to take ballet. In fact that is the number one item that comes up on a google search of his name under the automatic fill in box. For a seach of Hines Ward, Dancing with the Stars is number two. Certainly Hines is personable and DWS will likely translate nicely into a career for him nationally after football (he would have already had a career for himself in Pittsburgh obviously).

It also shows that dancing feet can be useful on the football field. While I have always admired Hines hitting most of all, he is quite graceful making catches and it takes composure to concentrate on the tough grabs over the middle. Although he will not be remembered as much as Swann is for doing so, although now he might be.

Personally I would rather remember him laying out opposing defensive backs. Too bad their isn't a full contact slam dance part of DWS, because he would probably win that too! :-)

Mrs. Isaac Redman

adamg said...

Well, there was that hit on his partner a couple weeks ago... (glad she was alright and not as badly hurt as she could have been).

But more seriously, it's a credit to him that he was willing to go out and do try something he'd never done before with the attendent risk of looking like a dolt on live TV.

The rehearsal footage showed how hard the pros and their amateur partners have to work. I know it gave me an appreciation of the true athletic ability it takes to be a professional dancer.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised mighty Ravens Nation wasn't able to rig the voting by stuffing the ballot box for Kirstie Alley.

Anonymous said...

That's because the ravens fail at everything. Well, at least everything in which they have to go up against the steelers :)

Steve-O said...

Odd as it may sound, I think this may actually enhance Hines' chances at getting into the hall of fame someday. His Superbowl MVP award, two rings, multiple team records and long tenure, not to mention tough as nails reputation should at least garner him consideration but winning the DWS award has made him a household name on a whole new level... every little bit helps.

Landscaping Designs Made Easy said...

Hines makes me smile too when he dances, love his style,music he is a classy act so humble too. I hope he wins it. He really puts his all into whatever he does. Hines and Kym would make a great couple too :)

adamg said...

Seven posts and we haven't even officially welcomed Kym to Steeler Nation yet.

marc said...

on a separate note, and in light of new changes to the illegal hits:

1. if a pulling o-linemen hits harrison helmet-to-helmet from the side while harrison is trying to tackle a RB, is that illegal? shouldn't it be under the defenseless player definition?

2. if clark is playing centerfield and a pass is overthrown over the middle and clark dives forward to catch it and the receiver dives to catch it and they hit helmets, is that an illegal hit on clark? it should be according to the new definitions.

i said it before, the nfl is opening the box with these rules and they are eventually going to be forced to address every possible situation when a player may be defenseless. not just the action that occurs around the ball. and that will be next to impossible to enforce for the refs and the fines dished out every week will be ridiculous (as if they already aren't).

i hope the refs enforce the rules to the letter and we see dozens of players suspended throughout the year with six figure fines.