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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Here we go again

Ben Roethlisberger is nothing if not consistent.

I don't doubt that his injured foot bothered him last season. I saw him on a daily basis limping through the locker room.

But now we have Roethlisberger telling the Tribune-Review that he may need surgery at some point to fix the foot problem.

Of course, this happens after a disappointing loss in the Super Bowl.

It's become a theme for Roethlisberger. Have a bad game on a big stage - which hasn't happened often – and blame it on an injury.

It's a broken toe - or is it? I had a fever of 105. I have broken ribs - unless we win.

Roethlisberger is an outstanding quarterback. But I wish he'd give the injury stuff a rest. So do his teammates. And the Steelers' doctors and trainers. And the coaching staff.

Sometimes, you just get beat. Sometimes the other team outplays you. It doesn't always have to be because of an injury.


adamg said...

Not a BR fan, but he did play the SB on a bad foot. I'm sure it was painful, too. I don't think his comments, at this point, are related to making an excuse for something that happened 4 or 5 months ago.

Now, whether his foot was hurt as badly as his comments indicate is a different story. And, I'll agree with your implication that BR is a bit of a drama queen.

Patrick said...

Like Ben as a quarterback, don't like the rest.

Oh and Dale, by the way, if someone makes a comment that says Patrick does Philadelphia, and then someone says Dale does Dallas, do both get deleted or just the Dale one?

I'm just wondering if the inmates run the asylum or not

Dale Lolley said...

Depends on how I feel that day.

Steve-O said...

I agree BR has a tendency to overdo the injury reports, but in this instance I don't think it was done to insinuate that the foot was the reason for the Superbowl loss. More than anything I think the guy is just a drama queen who needs his ego stroked. And that's really sad because he's got enough videotape to fill 10 highlight reels, there's just no need to go there.

Anonymous said...

I dunno. A reporter asks him about his foot, which was a problem, nearly 5 months after the Super Bowl, and he's 'making excuses after a big loss again'? Come on. I know much has been made about Ben being a drama queen. I'm guessing some of that is earned. But what can you rely on for truth? According to team officials, Ben's nose wasn't broken. According to same, Hines just had a sore neck. Cowher sniped about Ben's toes not being broken back in 2004. But it turns out there's some truth to what Ben said back then, as this is an injury that dates back to college.

Was that unnamed offical Dave Lockett? Just curious. Seems everyone who leaves gets some sort of slap on the back send off, whether it's Whaley or even an Iso. With Lockett, nothing. Just a brief note that he's leaving for unknown reasons and unknown pursuits.

Dale Lolley said...

All he had to say is that the foot is fine, it's no longer an issue. Honestly, why say it's a long-term issue? All that does is open it up for future opponents to target it.
But he does it for the excuse. It's happened again and again.
As I've said before, every player on that field likely has some sort of injury by the end of the season. Football is a very brutal game.
But if you're on the field, you're expected to perform, injury be damned.

As for your conjecture about Dave Lockett, it couldn't be further from the truth.

Anonymous said...

And every injured player has been asked about their injury since the Super Bowl. Harrison was asked about his back. Polamalu has been asked about his Achilles. Sanders has been asked about his foot. Smith has been asked about his shoulder. Pouncey has been asked about his ankle. And more. Yet Roethlisberger is asked nearly 5 months removed from the SB, and he's making excuses? I'm sure he was asked about his foot after the Buffalo game too. And the Balt games, and Jets. And Cincy. And Clev. Wait, they won almost all of those games, so the excuse thing doesn't fit. Better save it.
I'm sorry it took 5-7 months for an opportunity to squeeze that whopper off.

Obviously Ben's foot injury is a long term issue. Since it dates back to Miami U. And that it's going to continue to be an issue, since it's 8+ years later and it still hasn't healed. Unless he has surgery, the potential is always going to be there for reaggrevation. I really hope it didn't take Roethlisberger saying that for you to come to that conclusion. I'm sure even Suggs didn't need that quote to understand that.

marc said...

apparently, #7 needs to have the state of mind that he is overcoming some obstacle in order for him to perform successfully. it gets to be childish (obviously) at times, but it also seems to work for him.

i hope, eventually, he adjusts his approach to that of a true leader and simply dismisses injury talk as irrevelant to the preparation and/or outcome of a game.

until then, i suspect his teammates will view him only as a good/great QB who over exaggerates his injuries to get attention.

Anonymous said...

Shut up Dale. Bouchette said RIGHT AFTER the SB ended that Ben told him that surgery wasn't going to happen "at this time".

Ben admitted he played bad in the Super Bowl. No excuses. He has also stated he has the nameplate from his locker in his bathroom for motivation to win another.

Does that sound like someone blaming the injury for his game?

Now go wash Wex's car you man-servant.

Anonymous said...

I read on a Steelers board today that M. Wallace said on the radio that he had no idea about all these great workouts ("more than most" according to BR) the Steelers offense has been having. Pretty funny. Not that the workouts are important, but BR's just got to go & say something mildly annoying and nonsensical. I.e., they're keeping their workouts quiet & not talking about them (but he IS talking about them as he says those very words).

Oh well, who cares, top 5 QB.

Also, the worst part about Ben's motorcycle accident was when the alligator attacked him.

Anonymous said...

Emmanuel Sanders has stated himself they had workouts.

I guess he's lying too.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10,000--

I'm sure they worked out, just saying Ben exaggerated the extent of them while at the same time pretending he didn't want to talk about them...while talking about them.

--Anonymous 9,999

Anonymous said...

Ben's comments seem pretty tame to me...this "Ben is a drama queen" thing is blown way out of proportion. The real drama queens are the media who feel the need to report it everytime a player says ANYTHING that could be INTERPRETED IN ANY WAY to be negative or merit criticism.

Ben: My previously broken foot may need surgury at some point.

HEADLINE: Ben blames injury for bad Super Bowl performance! Refuses to take complete blame for loss!! Read all about it! Should he be traded?! Click here to voice your opinion!

Anonymous said...

Btw, Roy Oswalt stud pitcher for the Phillies has back trouble and his doctors have already stated HE WILL need surgery at some point, and Oswalt himself has stated that he hopes to avoid surgery until after his career.

I guess he's making things up too.

Nothing to see here, just like ESPN last week this is a BS "story" created by a 2nd rate hack.

Anonymous said...

If Ben had made the foot comment with no history of exaggerating his various injuries, that would be one thing.


Anonymous said...

What was exaggerated though? This foot problem seems to be exactly what Ben was referring too back in 2004.

Peter King was the pool reporter for XLIII and he REPORTED that Ben seemed to have trouble getting "loose" for practice because of his side. Dale wasn't there, and that's when Dale ratted out the Steelers Wild Cat in their game plan later in the week.

Anonymous said...

What was exaggerated though? This foot problem seems to be exactly what Ben was referring too back in 2004.

Peter King was the pool reporter for XLIII and he REPORTED that Ben seemed to have trouble getting "loose" for practice because of his side. Dale wasn't there, and that's when Dale ratted out the Steelers Wild Cat in their game plan later in the week.

Rob said...

Welcome to Dale's blog, Crash! Why do you feel so compelled to be the personal protector of Ben's reputation?

adamg said...

Ben's a drama queen. Ward's got a perpetual chip on his shoulder about something. That's how they are and neither is going to change. Meh...

Anonymous said...

Ward's a moron. No one gave me a chance!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa

Henry said...

I think everyone needs to get some perspective here.

This is Dale's personal football blog and by virtue of that, he's allowed to put opinions and conjectures that he otherwise wouldn't put in an article for scout or the observer.

Ben has a history of highlighting injuries after losses (and wins).
He does this bc he knows no one can question his toughness.
The guy's got an ego, but personally, I think that's better than the alternative as I want my franchise QB to have a strong sense of pride.

The fact of the matter is if the media is sick of Ben's injury talk, then they should quit giving him a platform to talk about it I.e don't ask him about injuries.

Although that's much easier in theory than in practice.