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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Again with the Barber talk?

Every two or three weeks, the agent for Tiki Barber talks to a reporter and expresses an interest for his client to return to the NFL.

And every time, the agent drops the Steelers - along with Tampa Bay - as the team his client would like to wind up with.

And every time I am again forced to reiterate that there is very little chance Barber winds up in Pittsburgh.

Just because Barber would like to play for the Steelers and his agent keeps saying that two teams have shown interest in the former Pro Bowl running back, doesn't mean the Steelers have shown interest in Barber.

In fact, I highly doubt any team has shown interest in Barber. At this point, he's still property of the New York Giants until they release him from their retired list.

The Steelers just don't work that way, particularly with somebody who is property of a team with which the Steelers have very close ties.


Anonymous said...

Plus Barber is kind of a put it mildly.

I'd rather have Burress than a team cancer like Barber.

emac2 said...

Gosh - I'm sorry they make you come back and post a blog every other week. Not very respectful of your summer vacation. :)

Given that your fans check the blog daily I think we have the bigger beef.

Dale Lolley said...

Sorry there's not much going on Emac2. Want me to start making stuff up?
I could do like some sites and start talking about the 50 best Steelers teams of all-time. But that seems a little silly.

marc said...

we could talk about resigning taylor.

will it work to the steeler's benefit that the free agency period will be short?

taylor may not have time to sit around and let asomugha set the market price. the steelers will be in position to offer taylor a deal and tell him take it now or we need to move on because free agents are signing so quickly.


Anonymous said...

I heard they will (probably) make a 3 day window in which teams can resign their own before actual FA begins

How likely do you see Ike resigning in that period Dale? Or do you think he'll want to actually meet with other teams before resigning? you know, to drive his price up

Anonymous said...

I don't blame Dale for not posting...there isn't much to discuss.

As for Taylor, I bet we let him walk. If the Steelers valued him that much they wouldn't have let him hit the market like this.

My hope is that instead of resigning Taylor we get a mid priced veteran (Carlos Rodgers) AND another veteran corner to play the nickel. Get two players that might neither one might be better than Taylor together and have one be a starter and the other a nickel CB.

Dale Lolley said...

The problem with Ike is that they're not going to pay him more than what Polamalu is making. And he could command more than that on the open market since Troy's contract is team friendly all things considered.

They'll make a run at trying to sign Ike, but even Ike knows he can't make more than Troy.

Mark said...

Ike shouldn't make more than Troy, per game. But considering how often Troy is injured, maybe they could structure something to account for the difference in games played.

emac2 said...

I was just making fun of your complaint that Tiki was making you post AGAIN.

I did hear we might be going to a 4 year free agency qualification and discussions of roster options based on some of the different scenarios would be interesting.

It seems to me that 4 years till free agency is going to hurt us capwise and force some hard decisions but I'm just guessing.

Anonymous said...

I would take a flyer on Marion Barber for a season, cheap, once the Cowboys release him.

Regarding the proposed top 50 Steeler list, Joe Greene is #1, and Sean Mahan is #11, right before Dermotti Dawson.

Dick LeBeau doesn't care about cornerbacks. Ironic.

The big 2011 question if there is a season is -- do the Steelers continue their every-other-year-ness? Also, does the age catch up with the defense (which is asked every year, I know, but it has to happen at some point, doesn't it?)?

Anonymous said...

As for the #1 steeler of all time I thnk everyone forgets about Ernie Stautner. I just watch some old footage and he was a freakin beast!! Dale it is great that we actually have some "football" to talk about.

Dale Lolley said...

I don't think that the every other year thing happens this year. The lockout favors veteran teams who aren't making any changes. Look it up in the dictionary and Steelers is there as the definition.

Anonymous said...

We've never seen this group off a Superbowl loss, should be interesting to see how they respond. Other than the CB group this is one of the deeper teams I remember us having. I'm looking forward to landing in the AFCCG again.