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Friday, February 17, 2012

Brown has no trouble meeting Haley

Antonio Brown today Tweeted - he's a Tweeting fool - a photo of he and new offensive coordinator Todd Haley in the Steelers locker room.

Brown just got back into Pittsburgh yesterday after his whirlwind tour of the country and met up with Haley in less than a day.

He did this by, you know, going down to the Steelers offices and seeking him out.

Yet somehow, Ben Roethlisberger hasn't been able to find Haley. Go figure?

Sounds like a little more drama from the king of drama.

I have a lot of respect for Roethlisberger the player. But I could do without all of the other stuff.

Then again, is it Roethlisberger making a big deal out of not talking to Haley yet or certain segments of the media?

So many of the issues with Roethlisberger are media driven as guys try to back their own agendas.

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Anonymous said...

Who says Ben and Haley have not met yet? Art Rooney II just said something along the lines of "do we have to call a press conference every time our staff meets?" Relating to why Ben and Haley haven't met yet.

adamg said...

A couple thoughts... The media is more than ever driven by the need for news (real, imagined or something in between) 24/7. I'm sure this has a lot to do with how the reporting of the BR/TH interaction is being framed.

That said, I do also believe BR is engaged in a very real powerplay, but one he cannot win. It's interesting that BR always mentions the WRs in his quest to maintain the status quo, but right after the hire Sanders tweeted he was excited to play for TH. Now we have Brown's first order of business after getting back to town being meeting the new OC. It sort of leaves BR looking like the one who can't or won't accept change.

Anonymous said...

Ben says he's been at facility working out. Yet he can't find Haley and as Dale said, AB back in town 1 day and finds him. Does Ben realize Haley is the coordinator for the whole offense, not just for him? Love Ben too, but stop causing drama. He claims he's tired of the drama but he's always the one starting it. Why announce to all that Haley hasn't sought him out? Shouldn't that be private? If he's that upset then call Haley or complain to Tomlin. Do it privately!

Anonymous said...

I found it odd when Ben said he's heard good and bad about Haley. We all have but had Haley said the same about Ben then people would freak out. If Haley mentioned he's heard bad about Ben, we'd have a frenzy of Ben fans going crazy. Yet none of them seemed to care when Ben said it about someone else. I don't see the hiring as a pot shot at Ben like some fans do. I see it as the team wanting him to get better. Wanting fresh plays and wanting to find ways to protect their qb. I doubt they want to set back their million dollar qb. I think they want to see him progress. I about fainted when I heard he was actually working out this early. Maybe the hiring will bring us a whole new Ben. I am excited. Ben is a great qb and I think he can do much more then what Bruce thought.

Anonymous said...

I can't see how Ben made his comments that he has "heard good and bad about Haley" with a straight face.

Hey Ben, people have heard some bad things about you too. Like those two assault accusations. But most people are too classy refer to those, even indirectly.

Reason 1,075 to dislike Ben as a person.

Anonymous said...

Why do members of the media have agendas? Aren't they supposed to be unbiased?

Mark said...

Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but wasn't the point of Ben's "heard good and bad about Haley" quote that he was going to form his own opinion after he spent some time with the guy? That he wouldn't base his opinion on rumors and gossiping from the media?

That's a reasonable answer, despite what the anonymouses above me seem to think.

Anonymous said...

Why is Ben the only Steeler who has an article in a Pittsburh newspaper announcing that he's working out in the offseason?

Aren't professional athletes supposed to work out in the offseason?

Anonymous said...

Ben working out is news because he doesn't ever do it in offseason unless it is a mandatory workout. Those were his words. I think the comment about good and bad was maybe innocent as Mark said but could have been worded better. If Ben is forming his own opinion then just say that instead of mentioning bad. He gets mad when people bring up his bad areas and he knows how the media twist things by now. Also him saying he was surprised Haley hasn't contacted him may have been innocent too but don't tell me he didn't know it would start drama. Again, he's been around long enough. He was calling Coach Haley out. What I don't get is if he's been at facility so much, like he says, why not stop in the coach's office like Brown did? I don't have a problem knowing they haven't met. It's early and maybe coach is busy learning the system and with draft needs. Maybe he knows Ben usually leaves town the minute the season ends & isn't known for being at facility much in February and he's letting him have some time off. I didn't hear other players going to media about not meeting coach. Or has he met with everyone else? Or maybe they have met and Ben is having fun with the media and fans. Ha Ha

Anonymous said...


If you had someone new at your job would you go on TV and say "I've heard good and bad things about our new employee Jeff."

You might say that in private, but really, in front of the media?

Mark said...

@Anon: Look at any discussion or sports board. There are plenty of people saying good and bad things about Haley. If Ben said he *only* heard good things about Haley, there would be plenty of evidence that is a lie, and people would roast him for it.

Also, he isn't saying there *are* good & bad things about Haley, just that he has *heard* there are good & bad things about Haley, if you can see the difference.

adamg said...

I guess the most diplomatic thing to say - one most of us would probably choose - would have been something like: "I look forward to meeting Coach Haley and getting to know him".

Anonymous said...

I guess Haley's legs are broken? Why hasn't HE went to Ben? Haley's causing just as much drama IMO.

Look dale, everyone already knows you're a nobody in that media. The Florio act from you is embarrassing.

Dale Lolley said...

So what does that make an anonymous poster on my blog?

Steve-O said...

The off-season is rife with speculation, innuendo and minor dramas blown out of proportion. Other than the draft/free agency there really isn't much else to talk about. So rather than whine about Ben or the Todd Haley's snub towards each other, I embrace it as a reason to talk Steelers... so here's my take...

Ben's perspective: I am the franchise quarterback and I'm a huge reason for the success of the Steelers. They didn't even have the common courtesy to tell me about letting Arians go and they didn't ask for my input when they picked Todd Haley as the new OC. So why should I go out of my way to reach out to him. My opinion obviously doesn't matter. When we show up for mandatory meetings he'll let me know what I need to do and I'll get it done. Other than that, I'm just another employee.

Haley's perspective: I'm the new OC and the Steelers want me to tighten up this sloppy offense. To do that it has to be clear that I run this ship and therefore the quarterback will have to report to me rather than the other way around.

My perspective: At some point these two will meet and recognize that they both have an insatiable appetite to win. That more than anything will get them to put aside their need to assert their authority and focus on getting better. It will be rocky at times but that's not unhealthy if it comes from that competitive fire. I look forward to the retooled offense and I look forward to watching some of the young players emerge.

Anonymous said...

Well, Haley stiffed Brian Waters when he took the KC HC job. Waters wanted to meet him and get a feel for his new coach and team direction. And Haley blew him off. Waters finally ran him down in the hall, and Haley went off on him, telling him he could win 2 games with any guy off the street.

Personally, I don't think it's a big deal. Just saying, not unusual for Haley.

Haley was just hired, and if he's bringing his own stamp to the offense, it will take a little while for the staff to put that install together and get it ready to introduce to the players at OTA/mini. This on top of their draft duties. Busy time, and outside a courtesy meet/greet and vague generalities, there's nothing Haley can really tell Roethlisberger about the O or his concerns/questions wrt direction. So no big whoop.

Dale Lolley said...

My point with the whole thing - which apparently was lost on some people - is that it doesn't really matter.
Some are making this out as a big deal. It's not. It's not as if Haley is the head coach.
And believe it or not, he's got a lot of work to do. I'm sure he's spent the last week and a half breaking down film of his new offensive unit while also looking at the draft. There's a little thing called the combine next week that he's got to be prepared for.
Oh, and he also has to integrate his playbook.
If Roethlisberger really wants to speak to him, he should go and do so. Antonio Brown was in town less than 24 hours and found him.

PSUnGA said...

I think its being blown out of proportion. I think Ben wants to rest since its the off season. And Haley is busy working.

People are going to start thinking that there is some bad blood between them. When there really isnt. After Eli winning his 2nd superbowl MVP, Ben better be motivated. I think he is ready to go when the season starts.

Lover said...

Lets face it. Ben has been married less than a year. I remember in my first year of marriage, the last thing on my mind was anything to do with my boss.
Ben keep up the "loving".
Football can wait.
Any chance of a little Ben?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't go as far as "football can wait", considering he's already working out, but yeah agreed

bruinmann77 said...

way to much stuff being made on this.

BPow said...

"I guess Haley's legs are broken? Why hasn't HE went to Ben? Haley's causing just as much drama IMO."

Well, Haley does need to prep for the Combine, review the team's FAs and the FA market with the rest of the coaches and scouts, evaluate tape on his own players to help decide which borderline roster players (Kemo, Ward, Legs and Foster in terms of RFA tender levels, Cotchery and more), get into the old playbook and decide what to change and what to keep, start watching college tape to prep for the draft, move to Pittsburgh, and more.

Whereas all Ben has on his agenda is... work out? Go home for dinner with the wife?

Ben should be the one seeking out Haley if he wants to meet him ASAP. Haley has many other things on his plate right now, and Ben isn't going anywhere so he's not an immediate concern.