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Friday, February 03, 2012

Who I like, Super Bowl version

In the aftermath of the conference championship games, the choice of who I liked to win the Super Bowl was an easy one. The Giants had beaten the Patriots in the regular season and were seemingly a team of destiny.

But the more I've thought about it, the more I now favor the Patriots.

The money is going heavily in favor of the Giants for the reasons I first stated, but I think that late money will go to New England.

Here's why:

Tom Brady had a sub-par game against Baltimore - at least by his standards. Great quarterbacks usually bounce back from such efforts.

In addition, I have too much respect for Bill Belichick as a coach to think that he won't come up with a plan to slow the Giants, particularly having already faced them once.

The fact the favored Patriots are being treated as underdogs will also play in Belichick's favor. He'll use that as a motivating factor.

I like the Patriots, who are now favored by 2 1/2, to win, 31-27.


Anonymous said...

When you talk about which way people are betting on the game, are you just illustrating popular opinion or do you think movement of the line has an impact on the result of the game?

Anonymous said...

I hope you are wrong.
I hate to see cheaters win.
Is O-R sending you to Indy to cover the game or will you be watching it on TV like most of us.
Go Giants

Easley said...

We've all seen how a high ankle sprain can destroy a season. I expect Gronk to try to play but be ineffective. Without him, I think G-men win.

rocket9 said...

The Giants are the better team, they are on a roll, relatively healthy as well. The Pats should have lost against the Ravens and they struggled against that D. The Giants have a better D overall and they are getting to the QB without the blitz. Eli is playing the best ball of any QB who played in this year's playoff derby IMO.

It would take a better WR corps than the Patriots have to score with this Giants team.
With Gronk out, that puts the focus on Welker and that other TE Hernandez to move the chains. To me, this Giants D is a mismatch nightmare for the Pats..even worse than the last time they played in the SB when NE was a far better team.

Short of a lot of turnovers on the Giants part, I think this thing is over by the 4th quarter. I don't think NE can do much that will surprise the Giants because they simply don't have the horses to matchup with the strengths of this NY team. And I think you are going to hear the phrsae "Edelman beaten AGAIN for a big gainer" alot

As long as NY comes out focused and not TOO overconfident, I think that's how it goes down...Giants by 10+ pts.

Anonymous said...

Dermontti Dawson is in the Hall of Fame.

Anonymous said...

Pats - 38 Giants - 20

Mistake-free Brady beats Giants turnovers.

bruinmann77 said...

Dale thanks you pick made me go the other way MONEY MONEY MONEY