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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Breaston, Steelers seem like a good match ... but

When Steve Breaston was released by Kansas City earlier this week, the questions immediately started to come.

Wouldn't Breaston and the Steelers be a perfect fit?

In an ideal world, certainly. But the Steelers aren't currently dealing with ideal circumstances.

Because the salary cap did not increase this year, the Steelers find themselves some $14 million over the cap with the free agency period set to begin in a couple of weeks.

In other words, to sign Breaston, the Steelers would have to part ways with some veterans.

The Steelers will likely rework the contracts of Ben Roethlisberger, Heath Miller, Antonio Brown and maybe even LaMarr Woodley to help them get under the cap.

They could also ask James Harrison and Willie Colon to take pay cuts - though Harrison's would probably have to come in the form of at least a one-year extension.

But that's a lot of movement of contracts to work out and still figure out a way to sign a free agent or two.

And Breaston, who had 61 catches in 2011 with Todd Haley as Kansas City's coach before falling off to seven in 2012, might not want to wait for the Steelers to sift through their salary cap mess to sign a new deal. He'll have other suitors, some who might even offer more than the minimum wage deal the Steelers would likely pony up.

Then again, Breaston has already followed Haley from Arizona to Kansas City and is known to have a good relationship with the Steelers offensive coordinator. So maybe he'll wait until the Steelers have room before the former Woodland Hills star signs with his old team.


marc said...

breaston will be a steeler. rework some contracts, a couple vets let go and their cap situation will be manageable.

what i want to know is how all these vets around the nfl that will be getting cut feel about the CBA they just passed and the job their union leader has done for them. they don't trust goodell? how about their own elected leader that got taken to the cleaners.

Dale Lolley said...

Vets have been getting cut for years due to contracts that are too big. It's just the market correcting itself. The players got the rookie contracts under control, which is what the vets wanted.

Steve-O said...

I'm curious where Breaston fits in. Is he the number 3 behind Brown and Sanders (which shuts the door on Cotchery), is he number 4 , or do the Steelers look for a new #1 in the draft?

Patrick said...

Signing Breaston gives the Steelers more flexibility and options in the draft and thats what they like to do. Whether he is the 2/3/4 receiver is kind irrelevant. It would provide some much needed depth to the WR position.

Assuming he isn't looking for a bigger deal than the Steelers can offer, I expect that signing to happen as soon as practical.

Dale Lolley said...

I think they would mix and match, a little like they did this season. Use different guys in different situations. Brown would be the every down guy, but the others would be interchangable

Steve-O said...

I like the idea of signing Breaston as a number 3 but the 2013 offense still lacks anyone that will disrupt a defensive game plan (assuming Wallace/Mendenhall are gone). Ben is a stud QB but I'll remind you that Kurt Warner had Fitzgerald and Boldin to throw to in this style of offense. We need a home run hitter opposite Brown and I don't think Breaston is that guy. I know everyone is focused on a linebacker in round one of the draft. I'd prefer a threat like Cordarelle Patterson or tavon Austin and a Linebacker in the 2nd round.

Anonymous said...

Besides a slight age difference.

What does Breaston bring to the table that Crotchery does not already provide?

The Steelers need a # 1 or 2 type WR in this draft. With out one the Steelers are one injury away in 2013 from starting.

Sanders ,Crotchery and who?

Anonymous said...

What exactly would Steve Breaston add? How is he different from every other WR on the team?

marc said...

i don't think they need a #1 from this draft, just a guy with good speed who can line up outside and extend the back end of the secondary.

and, dale, there will be more vets let go than usual this year since most teams will be faced with cap issues instead of just "some" teams as in years past. those who get let go won't get their big money from someone else since the number of "cap friendly" teams is less than usual.

why did goodell make so much money? because he stared down the players' union, slapped them on the wrist, then bent them over his knee and gave them a spanking.

Anonymous said...

Mark's exactly right. Not only does speed kill it opens up a lot of things for the running game and for other receivers. Mike Wallace is not a #1 receiver neither is Torrey Smith but we all see what happens when u need a safety over the top to help the corner. There's lots of space over the middle for underneath routes

Dale Lolley said...

What does Breaston bring? In a word Speed.

TarheelFlyer said...

I would like to see this for a group of guys, not necessarily in this order.


If you don't sign Breaston, you are assuming that Gilreath can help you? I think Cotchery and Breaston can contribute on special teams in some way which will help get them helmets every Sunday.

marc said...

i didn't think breaston was "that" fast?

Anonymous said...

get fatboy Woodley to take a paycut and to eat less

Dale Lolley said...

Breaston was a 4.45 guy at the combine.

Anonymous said...

"Breaston was a 4.45 guy at the combine."

Unfortunately he plays closer to 4.55

Joe Jones said...

any chance the Vikings would take Lamar Woodley for Percy Harvin?