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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This is why they gave him the money

Antonio Brown is sometimes seen as a me-first kind of player, drawing silly penalties for doing things like running backwards into the end zone.

And he's criticized for being a member of the "Young Money Crew," something that some fans take issue with, especially in 2012, when the team's group of wide receivers - including Brown - didn't perform up to expectations.

But if you had any question about why the Steelers handed Brown a $42-million contract extension after just two seasons in the league, there's a good clue on the team's web site.

Brown told this: "We have a lot of young guys. A lot of guys haven't been around here for the history of this team. I want to make sure guys understand the importance of being here, the tradition that is required from our peers, coaches and everybody inside this building. You have to know the history of something if you are a part of it. You have to know where it started, where it came from and what it's about. You know where you are with it now and where you want it to go. I can help teach guys about that and take that type of approach. Every man has to understand the importance of what the Steelers logo stands for, the men that came before us and wore that jersey, and we have to understand the importance of it, be humbled by it and work with that mentality."

Now, some might think that Brown is talking just to talk. But he truly means that. When the Steelers say that Brown's work ethic is second to none, they mean it. He is a tireless worker, and he really wants to be the best receiver in the NFL.

An ankle injury derailed Brown's season in 2012, limiting his effectiveness. But you can bet that will drive him in the offseason to work even harder to make it back to a Pro Bowl.

Does he still have some "look at me" moments? Sure. But I think they are born more out of excitement than they are planned outbursts like previous "star" receivers such as Terrell Owens.

He will be an excellent tutor for whatever young receiver the Steelers add in this year's draft.


Anonymous said...

Antonio Brown needs to do his own job before he can become a leader. Talking doesn't make you a leader.

Anonymous said...

I think Brown has a good work ethic. His mistakes seem to be mental ones like not securing the football or not managing the clock.

He has a good attitude but he needs to raise his football IQ a bit. I'm glad we resigned him.

Anonymous said...

When he took the young wrs under his wing, Hines Ward said Brown was the most like himself. I'm not surprised, then, Brown said these things or that he means them.

Anonymous said...

Trade down, take the TE from Stanford in the 1st, then trade up in the 2nd and select G. Bernard. That will solve a lot of our offensive problems without wasting an early pick on a WR. There's good depth at WR to be found late in the draft

Anonymous said...

Read that this morning. Doesn't matter that it's garden variety fluff. What was said wasn't important or insightful. Everything I got from it, I got from the fact that he is in Pittsburgh at the facility working out in February. That tells me so much more than I can get from words in a throw away piece.

DAVE said...

When I saw "Richard" Mann was hired, I immediately thought that maybe we really hired "Terence" Mann.

"People will come Ray. People will most definitely come."

Terence Mann - Field of Dreams

Anonymous said...

Hey Dale, I really like what anonymous 2:21 had to say about our draft selections in the early portion of the draft. But is there any chance we make a run at saint rb Ivory?? Thoughts please

Eric T said...

This is why they gave him the money

Don't disagree, but they probably don't pay him if Wallace accepts the offer they made him.

Dale Lolley said...

Ivory is restricted, so there would go one of your draft picks. Don't see it happening. Plus, the cost in contract money would be too high.

Anonymous said...

Ivory would be a perfect fit in Pittsburgh, but with that said I don't like the idea of losing a draft pick. This draft is extremely important for us. We need to hit big in the later rounds as well as the early ones.

Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder than words

Brown is an idiot thug

Anonymous said...

Idiot kid, maybe. There are a lot of people who have earned the title of thug; please save that word for those who have earned it.

Zac in Tempee