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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Kirby Wilson to Baltimore?

Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson, who has been with the team since 2007, will interview with the Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday for their vacant offensive coordinator position.

Wilson has been a running backs coach in the NFL for 15 seasons and is ready to take a step up. In fact, many felt if he had not suffered burns in a house fire in the 2012 offseason, it might have been Wilson, not Todd Haley, who would have replaced Bruce Arians as the Steelers offensive coordinator.

The Ravens are looking for their third offensive coordinator in the past three seasons. Jim Cadwell, who replaced Cam Cameron during the 2012 season, was hired as Detroit's new head coach despite the Ravens ranking in the bottom third of the league in nearly every offensive category last season.

@ Troy Polamalu has backed out of the Pro Bowl, citing an injury as the reason.

That's pretty much code for saying he just doesn't want to play in the game.

Cleveland's T.J. Ward replaced Polamalu on the roster.

@ There's been no movement on the Steelers offensive line coaching position.

It could be that Mike Munchak, who interviewed last week, is waiting to see what happens with the Cleveland head coaching position.

The way guys are pulling themselves out of consideration for that position, Munchak might end up getting the job by default.


Patrick said...

I get the feeling the Browns are waiting for some kind of Chip Kelly type candidate to become available and until then they are just going to have stop gap coaches. I don't know who they swung and missed on this year, but I don't believe it was McDaniels. What a bizarre franchise.

I expect Kirby Wilson to get that job.

Would love to see Munchak get the line job, but he could be gone in a year. Thats more turnover for a unit that needs consistency.

Mark said...

I wonder if firing the coach after only one year is now biting the management in the backside. I suspect the nosedive by the team had less to do with the coaching, and more to do with losing their only QB who wasn't a disaster (Hoyer).

marc said...

I live near Cleveland and it's abundantly clear the browns are, simply put, a circus. you should hear some of the comments that come out of Berea at times and then some of their decisions are just laughable. I think they would easily win the award for worst run franchise.

along those lines, I don't see why munchak would take that job. sure, the money is nice, but the environment is toxic. he would be better off taking a short term gig somewhere else then seeing what opens up over the next couple years. that would be my advice to him anyways.

sure would hate to see Kirby go, to the ravens no less. but, you have to wish the guy the best wherever he ends up.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that the Steelers are hiring Munchak as their OL coach. If true, the OL, which has a lot of potential to be good could see some serious road grading: