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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Wilson leaving . . . for Minnesota

Steelers running backs coach Kirby Wilson was informed Saturday by Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh that he wouldn't be that team's new offensive coordinator.

But Wilson still won't be returning to the Steelers.

Wilson asked the Steelers for release from his contract, which still had one year remaining, and will join the Minnesota Vikings' staff.

It's likely that Wilson, who was considered to be the offensive coordinator in waiting before Bruce Arians was ousted, came to the realization or was told that Todd Haley isn't going anywhere soon.

Had Wilson not suffered burns all over his body in a kitchen fire at his home in 2012, it might have been he, not Haley, who is Pittsburgh's offensive coordinator. But Wilson did suffer those injuries and was hospitalized for several months afterward.

The Steelers had no choice but to move on at that point, even though they stuck by him as their running backs coach.

Wilson did a good job with rookie Le'Veon Bell this past season, but given his career ambitions, it might have been time for a change of scenery.


Nicholas said...

Wilson is a class act all around, I can only wish him the best in his future. I'm sure te Munchak hiring felt like the totem pole was only getting taller and he wasn't moving up so the decision makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

there is absolutely no proof that this marginal position coach would now be the steelers oc. the rooneys would never give the keys over to this guy. he left for a challenge though, i hope he's successful into turning AP into a decent running back.

Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly agree with this message. I.M.O., the local Pittsburgh and national sports media didn't like the hiring of coach Haley and, hence, have made several attempts to position coach Haley as being an inflexible, stubborn, angry, cold, distant, and aloof autocrat. As soon as it was announced that Haley was the Steelers' new O.C. they pounced on him like lions on a kill. They, as always, rushed to judgement and made several attempts to position coach Haley's relationsh with Ben as being a contentious one. It's no wonder the main stream media has little to no credibility with the public.

Anonymous said...

No one knows what went on. It's the silly part of the season when reporters (of lesser esteem than Dale) tell stories to pass the time.

Totally possible Haley is a tyrant who forced a decent man to quit.

Also totally possible Wilson fought for Redman as the starter and Dwyer's release, and the team lost confidence.

I for one wish him well and hope he is the 2nd best RB coach in the league next year, after whoever we hire now.

Steve-O said...

Let's be honest here, the Steelers offense is going to revolve around Ben and the passing game. Yes, that includes Bell who can block and catch passes out of the backfield, but the loss of Wilson isn't going to have much of an impact on the team. He's a good coach but his loss will only marginally alter the teams future plans. The group that needs the most coaching is the O-line and I think the Steelers have done well in that regard. Good luck Coach Wilson!

Anonymous said...

Steve-O, I agree, the offense revolves around Ben and the passing game. However, part of that is due to the inability to run the ball. The Steelers have the potential to have an awesome OL with Munchak teaching them and Bell looks like a keeper. I'd really like to see the Steelers have the ability to finish games with the run and be able to convert short yardage plays with the run.

Dale, any rumor on who might replace Wilson?

Anonymous said...

If Wilson was that great some other team would have given him a shot as OC. You see very few RB coaches being made OC's. I can't think of any.

Anonymous said...

Hue Jackson of the Bengals was the RB coach last year and will be the OC next year

Anonymous said...

He had been an OC and HC previously.

bruinmann77 said...