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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Steelers release training camp schedule, practice at Heinz

The Steelers on Tuesday released their training camp schedule. Players will report on Friday, July 25, with the first practice open to the public falling on Saturday, July 26.

All told, 15 practices will be open to the public, including the popular night practice Aug. 1 at Latrobe Memorial Stadium.

One added twist this season will be a pair of dual practices with the Buffalo Bills Aug. 13 and 14 in the leadup to their preseason game at Heinz Field Aug. 16.

The Steelers have not practiced against another NFL team since doing so with the Washington Redskins back in the mid-'90s.

Steelers 2014 Training Camp Schedule

Friday, July 25All players report by 4 p.m.
Saturday, July 262:55 p.m. and open to public
Sunday, July 272:55 p.m. and open to public
Monday, July 282:55 p.m. and open to public
Tuesday, July 29Players Day Off - no Steelers' practice
Wednesday, July 302:55 p.m. and open to public
Thursday, July 312:55 p.m. and open to public
Friday, August 17 p.m. Night Practice at Latrobe's Memorial Stadium
Saturday, August 22:55 p.m. and open to public
Sunday, August 32:55 p.m. and open to public
Monday, August 42:55 p.m. and open to public
Tuesday, August 5Players Day Off - no Steelers' practice
Wednesday, August 62:55 p.m. and open to public
Thursday, August 72:55 p.m. and open to public
Friday, August 8No Steelers' practice - team travels
Saturday, August 9First Preseason Game at N.Y. Giants (7:30 p.m., KDKA-TV)
Sunday, August 10Players Day Off - no Steelers' practice
Monday, August 112:55 p.m. and open to public
Tuesday, August 122:55 p.m. and open to public
Wednesday, August 132:55 p.m. joint practice with Buffalo Bills, open to public
Thursday, August 145:30 p.m. evening practice at Saint Vincent College with Buffalo Bills, open to public
Friday, August 15No Steelers' practice
Saturday, August 16Camp Breaks - Second Preseason Game vs. Buffalo Bills (7:30 p.m., KDKA-TV)

@ The team held an OTA session at Heinz Field on Tuesday and it was a spirited session.

The Steelers have added a second jumbotron in the northwest corner of the stadium and players could get an immediate sense of what was going on by watching the regular jumbotron in the end zone or by looking at the new one. Plans are in place to add a third jumbotron as well.

The team worked on a lot of red zone today and Ben Roethlisberger looked pretty sharp.

Despite his diminutive size, Lance Moore showed he can be a go-to guy in that area. Martavis Bryant also showed some skills on the fade.

@ Mike Tomlin was giving Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount and earful during a special teams session about how the running backs weren't going to be any help on special teams.

Blount said he could return kicks - which he has done in his career. And Tomlin came back at him by saying Blount could return kicks like Najeh Davenport and Gary Russell returned kicks at times for the Steelers.

When Blount used that example as proof that he could do it, too, Tomlin replied, "They did it because we didn't have anybody else."

Tomlin did tell Blount he might get a chance to show his stuff, though.

@ Jason Worilds did some running today, but did not practice.

He was asked after practice if he had a goal for how many sacks he would get this season.

"As many as we can get," he said.

How many is that, he was asked again.

"How many dropbacks we face, 400?" Worilds said.

I haven't looked it up yet, but that would probably be a record.

@ With Worilds sitting out, Chris Carter is getting increased reps, and he's showed a nice burst off the edge.


datruth4life said...


Does the OLB position worry you at all? Has rookie FA OLB Howard Jones showed anything yet to make you think he has a chance at making this team? And you are the first Pittsburgh writer to mention anything positive about Chris Carter since he was drafted.

Dale Lolley said...

That's not true. Coaches raved about him in camp a couple of years ago.

Jones certainly has the size. He looks the part.

Steve-O said...

Any observations of Archer? Other than speed is the kid being used?

Dale Lolley said...

Yes he is being used. No, I am not permitted to tell you how. He is very, very fast.

datruth4life said...

Dale, I saw some pictures of HoJo at draft time in a spread that one of his hometown newspapers did on him and one thing that I immediately noticed about him is that he has some pretty good-sized guns and very long arms. He doesn't have the lower body build like a Woodley or Harrison and will have to work on that but he did look good uptop. Maybe the light goes on for Chris Carter this year like it did for Worilds last year. Amazing how a contract year tends to bring out the best in a prospect.

John Kang said...

I thought Najeh Davenport did a pretty good job returning kicks. I was sad to see him go.

datruth4life said...

Dale, what time each week do you do your show with Gerry Dulac and where can we listen to it? I listened for the first time last week on Black & Gold network and you guys make a good team. I just wanted to know if its in a podcast, where can we access the podcast at. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Heinz Field will have 3 video boards and not one clock where fans in the seats can look to see the time of day.

Anonymous said...

its called a cell phone. really reaching for something to complain about arentcha? must be the offseason

Anonymous said...

Here's something to really complain about: Making a guy who has missed as many games as he's played the highest paid player at his position.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:07, look up the stats before you post. Pouncey has not missed as many games than he has played. That being said, I am not a fan of the Pouncey deal either at that money. Especially coming of a tore up knee.

Coach Chris said...

Is it just me or are there more practices open to the public this year than in recent years?

Anonymous said...

Agree Pouncey is a good player but not as good as he's getting paid especially coming off of that injury.

Crosses fingers - here's to hoping he comes out a top 5 center somehow from this

Bill in DC said...

There isn't a ton of guaranteed money in the Pouncey deal.

And, given the increasing salary cap, look for an increase in salaries.

Anonymous said...

how many "free hernandez" shirts can you buy with 48 million

Dale Lolley said...

Gerry and I will be doing at least two regular gigs together during the regular season - Tuesday's following the Tomlin press conference. And then we will also do Tuesday nights together.

There's also the possibility of more Steelers Nation Live stuff.

Johnson's a long, rangy outside linebacker prospect. I like him. He really looks the part. Has more of a Jason Gildon body.