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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Steelers make first round of cuts

The Steelers released their first round of cuts this morning, releasing nine players, including former California University of Pa. receiver C.J. Goodwin.

Also released were running backs Jordan Hall and Miguel Maysonet, wide receiver Kashif Moore, tight end Eric Waters, safety Jordan Dangerfield, cornerbacks Devin Smith and Lewis Toler and linebacker Vic So'oto.

Dangerfield, So'oto and Waters were somewhat surprising early cuts.

All had shown some ability, but it was going to be difficult to make the roster with the numbers at their respective positions.

And in the case of Waters, he just couldn't stay healthy.

Released later in the day were offensive linemen Chris Elkins and Emmanuel McCray, defensive linemen Hebron Fangupo and Brian Arnfelt, cornerbacks Devin Smith and Lewis Toler, running back Tauren Poole and long snapper Luke Ingram.

The releases of Fangupo and Arnfelt will raise some eyebrows since both were on the roster last season, but the addition of promising rookies Stephon Tuitt, Daniel McCullers and Josh Mauro made them expendable.

@ Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said today that longsnapper Greg Warren has a possibility of being ready to play Sept. 7 against Cleveland.

@ Tomlin was asked for about the fifth time in the past few days about possible punishments for running backs Le'Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount.

He once again gave the stock answer that the Steelers want to keep it internal and everything is off the table.

But if everything - including a suspension - aren't off the table, that doesn't jibe. Obviously, everyone would notice if either running back was suspended, therefore making it public.

The guess here is that Bell and Blount will be fined by the team - a game check each? - and still play in the regular season opener.

The league might have suspensions coming down the road - likely not until next season - but it's more difficult for the team to suspend a player.

The NFLPA raised a stink with the league when the team held Santonio Holmes out of a game in 2008 - with pay - for a similar offense.


DEL jzc said...

With Poole and Maysonet early cuts it looks like the team is only keeping 3 RB's: Bell, Blount and Archer.

I think that's wise because it opens up an additional spot to keep an extra LB.

The next thing to look out for is if we keep 9 O-linemen. No one has earned that 9th spot, but we may go outside the organization and get a roster cut.

Note old Pitt players Lucas Nix and Mike McGlynn both got released today and are available. They follow our M.O. of versatility over talent.

Dale Lolley said...

Johnson could benefit from Cody Wallace's finger injury on the line.

Don't overlook Stephen Houston. He'll get a lot of work Thursday.

Anonymous said...

What about community service for Cheech and Chong? If the DUI doesn't stick, I can't see it being any worse for first time offenders.