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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Steelers-Panthers game thread

It's a beautiful night here at Heinz Field for the game between the Steelers and Panthers.

It's going to be an interesting game for a number of players, huge in some cases. We already know that a number of veterans aren't going to suit up for the Steelers, including Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu and Cam Heyward.

Others will be in and out very quickly.

And for the bubble guys, if there still are any at this, point, do-or-die day has come. Either they perform now or move on to their life's work.


Anonymous said...

Any players arrested, cited or sued before this game?

Anonymous said...

Any chance Villanueva makes the PS or roster? 6' 9 with hands is a matchup nightmare at TE or WR. 315 pound wideout? first time for everything

Anonymous said...

landry jones experiment needs to end now. Tie him and brad wing to the same boulder and drop them both off the clemente bridge

adamg said...

What happened to Lance Moore? Is he hurt worse than reported?

Agree about Landry Jones. He's just not an NFL qb. Kay, otoh, might actually be able hold the offense together if disaster struck.

Wing is doing what the coaches want, hang time over distance.

Wesley Johnson has acquitted himself pretty well at center.
I suspect they'll be scanning the waiver wire for another OT, though.