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Monday, September 28, 2015

Tuesday with Tomlin/Monday edition

Mike Tomlin didn't have a lot of time to either celebrate the Steelers' win Sunday at St. Louis or lament the loss of Ben Roethlisberger for at least the next month.

He's got a game Thursday night against an 0-3 Baltimore Ravens team for which to prepare his team.

And Tomlin expects the Ravens to be angry.

"I would imagine that they are not demoralized," Tomlin said. "Quite frankly, I would imagine that they are angry."

That's all well and good. The Ravens should be angry. They should be angry that they laid an egg at Oakland in Week 2. They should be angry that they were shut out at home by Cincinnati and then blew a pair of fourth quarter leads to the Bengals.

* Tomlin did admit the Steelers might have to adjust their offense some to make things easier on quarterback Mike Vick, who has been with the team for just over a month.

It was a rare admittance for Tomlin, who typically wouldn't say something like that about a backup playing.

But the reality is that the quarterback position is the most important position on any football team. People who say it isn't typically don't have one and are trying to trick themselves into believing that isn't true.

The Steelers are 10-8 in games not started by Roethlisberger since they selected him in the first round of the 2004 draft. They are 9-7 overall without him since he took over for an injured Tommy Maddox three weeks into that 2004 season.

A healthy portion of those missed games have, ironically, come against the Ravens, the team against which he saw his first NFL action in place of Maddox.

Since 2004, Thursday's game will mark the seventh game he's missed in his career against the Ravens, though one of those games came because the Steelers chose to sit him. The Steelers are 2-4 against the Ravens without Roethlisberger at quarterback. They are 9-6 against the Ravens when he starts.

* If Roethlisberger is, indeed, out for a month, this game Thursday is an important one. The Steelers have to win at least one of the next four games without Roethlisberger if they hope to still have a shot at the playoffs.

After Baltimore, they travel to San Diego, host Arizona and play at Kansas City. That's a tough stretch.

* Tomlin said linebacker Ryan Shazier is experiencing weakness in his injured shoulder, which would be in line with my initial report of it being a stinger.

A stinger is weakness or numbness caused by a nerve being pinched. It's just lingering with Shazier.


ibygeorge said...

Was Wheaton not open against the rams, only 2 catches?

ibygeorge said...

Was Wheaton not open against the rams, only 2 catches?

Anonymous said...

You also said Shazier was ok last week. On the sideline in a sling is not ok.

marc said...

Starting to think shazier is a wuss, compared to his peers. I predict he will miss at least 3 more games this season for this and/or other ailments.

BlackNGold said...

Its amusing Dale how some people, no matter what, just want to try to prove you wrong.

adamg said...

Never had a pinched nerve, but have known people with sciatica and when that flares up, they have a hard time moving around. If Shazier has limited use of his arm, what good is he at ILB, where you have to tackle?

Marc said...

I have had stingers before from collisions at home plate. it has a burning sensation, feels awkward and hurts if you move just right. nothing he shouldn't be able to play through. ever notice how guys get a stinger, come off the field, and then back on the next series? they just deal with it. given his already questionable history in dealing with injuries from last season, I think it's a fair criticism/observation.

Dale Lolley said...

Shazier had a stinger. A stinger comes from taking a shot on the nerve. Obviously, there is still some issue there with the nerve if he is still experiencing weakness.

Dale Lolley said...

As for Wheaton, A.B. often gets the first, second and third looks. Remember, Emmanuel Sanders playing second fiddle to Brown was a 50 or so catch guy. Goes to Denver and is now "dynamic."

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ your comparison but Sanders also had a small problem with drops that he worked hard to correct in Denver. For example, he talks about getting a jugs machine @ his house.

Robert BNR said...

Pretty sure I remember James Harrison getting a stinger and missing a game, want to call him a wuss Marc?

marc said...

Nope. I also don't remember any rumors, etc about harrison milking an injury. Like I said, based on previous history, I think it's fair criticism.

sportsman said...

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