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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Almost D-Day

The free agency period is just around the corner and the Steelers appear to have targeted Brett Keisel and Chris Hope as their two main priorities and will begin negotiations with both men's agents at the draft combine in Indianapolis this week.

I don't have a problem with that for either player.

Keisel is an intriguing player who has played extremely well when given the opportunity. He'll want starter money, but since he'll be a starter if he's brought back, so what? He deserves it.

Hope has some holes in his game. He doesn't get a lot of interceptions and he gets too high on his tackles at times. But he's also a young enough player that he still has some upside. And there's something to be said for keeping your own guys.

It would take some time for a replacement to learn the team's defensive scheme, though veteran Tyrone Carter, who's already with the team, could open as the starter if Hope leaves.

Neither Hope or Keisel are stars. But they are the kind of guys who know their roles and don't have a problem with them.

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