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Sunday, February 05, 2006


Wow, it's finally game day.

I've covered one other Super Bowl, that being Super Bowl XXX in Tempe, Arizona, and I don't remember the wait for that game being this long.

Maybe it's because few were giving the Steelers a chance in that game against Dallas. They were, after all, 10.5-point underdogs.

But I'm actually expecting to see a good game today. I'm intrigued by this matchup. It's two good defenses against two balanced offenses. The deciding factor will be which team's star player steps into a superstar role to win this game.

Mistakes will also play a role, so I guess you could consider that the choke factor.

In other news, while the city of Detroit didn't get hit that hard by the snowfall Saturday, the northern suburbs where I, and many, many Steelers fans are staying, did. We've got about six or seven inches on the ground.

I grew up in the northern snowbelt in Pennsylvania, but have been in Washington so long now (14 years Feb. 6) that I had forgotten what lake effect snow was like.

I picked the Steelers to win 31-24 in the paper today, but that was something that was written a couple of days ago. I woke from a dream this morning with the score of 24-14 in my head. I guess I'd better go with that one.

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Chip said...

41-20 will be the final score