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Saturday, April 08, 2006

What about later rounds?

OK, let's assume the first round of the draft goes as I've predicted.

Who will the Steelers then target in the second round?

If the Steelers go for a linebacker in the first round, the second round pick will almost certainly be a safety or wide receiver, with a trade up to get the player they like the most a possibility.

Darnell Bing, Daniel Bullocks or Jason Allen would be safety targets in the second round, though the Steelers would likely need to move up to get them.

If they stay where they're at, then things get a little more interesting. Ko Simpson seems to be falling, but whether he would fall to the end of the second round is unlikely.

Pat Watkins from Florida State is an interesting prospect at 6-4, 200 pounds. He had 10 interceptions playing free safety for the Seminoles over the past three seasons and also returned six kickoffs for touchdowns.

At wide receiver, the Steelers may take Brandon Williams of Wisconsin at the end of the round, rather than wait another round to take a receiver.

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