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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Harrison returns

James Harrison returned to practice Wednesday morning for the Pittsburgh Steelers and jumped right into his customary role as the team’s ace in the hole on special teams.

Harrison, who had been out of action for more than a week with a rib injury, was being used with the first team on all the special teams units during a special teams only practice.

That was about the only exciting news to come out of this one.

I had a long talk with Wilie Parker and he won’t be playing again this weekend. But there doesn’t seem to be any long-term problem with his knee.

It doesn’t appear that Sean Mahan is back with the team as of yet, while Lawrence Timmons is now heading into his third week of inactivity.


Anonymous said...

Which running back, in your opinion, is most likely of these listed to be cut:


Also, who was #30 late in the game against the Saints. I couldn't find a #30 in the media guide and the dullards in the booth (Collinsworth and Gum ball) stopped iding the players. It isnt Cedric Humes is it? I would think they would list him in the guide.

How concerned are the coaches about Timmons?

Thanks for the site.

Kelly said...


I believe #30 was Croom, I can't remember his first name. At this point I would definitely like to see Barlow cut... Just my opinion of course.

Anonymous said...


Also- just my two cents- That #74 (cant recall his name- I saw he was from Penn State) at Nose tacle had two very good plays in the 4th- one he stayed in position when the ends flushed the qb into the middle. The other he got into the backfield and made a good play for a loss. Any chance he will make the practice squad?

Dale Lolley said...

Barlow is going to be cut.

Larry Croom is No. 30.

Scott Paxson is 74. He was on the practice squad last season and has a good shot of making it again this year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dale. I sure was impressed with Paxson. I thought Barlow looked pretty bad. i would much rather they kept the young guys anyway.


Steel Mike Tomczak said...

Barlow didnt look half as bad as Davenport. Sure Davenport got a score, but with the line pushing like they did on that play, I coulda fallen in too.

Im not saying Barlow is any good. Im saying Davenport hasnt shown me anything, this year or last, at RB.