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Thursday, August 30, 2007

What I saw, Carolina

I would not want to be making the cuts at running back for the Steelers.

I wonder if the Steelers were featuring Verron Haynes a little Thursday night in an effort to drum up some trade interest.

At this point, Haynes – who certainly has talent and can play in this league – is the odd man out in the backfield.

© Love the quarter defense that caused David Carr to burn the Panthers' third timeout in the first quarter. Talk about confusion. The only two guys on the field who weren't moving were Aaron Smith a nose tackle and Troy Polamalu, who was standing over the left tackle.

© First round-pick Lawrence Timmons showed some flashes Thursday night after a dreadful game Sunday against Philadelphia. He still can't get off a blocker, though, something I saw as a problem with him in college.

Timmons is outstanding when he's out in space running. He sure looks like a 3-4 inside linebacker to me.

© Willie Reid, that's what we've been expecting out of you all preseason long. It's a shame the coach had to call you out to get that kind of effort.

© Am I the only one who hates it when the stadium sound effects guy makes the panther growl after a Carolina's defense gives up a positive gain?

On one play, Gary Russell got a 5-yard gain and the slappy sound effects guy hits the growl button. Hey stupid, watch a few football games.

© William Gay has made a lot of good plays this preseason. Failing to field a punt at the 1 with 3:43 left in the first half was not one of them.

© As a color man, Edmund Nelson is a pretty good insurance salesman. He must also be related to Bryan Randall as much as he talked about him.

© Jason Capizzi didn't do much to help himself make this roster. Then again, neither did Trai Essex.

© Nice hustle by Mike Lorello on forcing a fourth quarter fumble on a punt return. That's how a man fighting for a roster spot has to react.

© None of the young tight ends did anything too spectacular to make the Steelers notice them. Matt Spaeth makes this roster strictly because he was a third round-pick.

© Tough break for Marvin Philip, who was getting a look at guard again in an effort to win a roster spot before leaving the game with an injury. It was a good break for Chukky Okobi.


Anonymous said...

missed the game but hope to see it on NFL always many thanks

adamg said...

On the radio side, Wolfley said Gay was yelling "I can't touch it (the ball)" on the punt. Evidently Gay stepped out of bounds, or thought he did, and therefore could not be the first man to touch the punted ball. He did the right thing not touching the ball.

Also, I saw Faneca get completely bowled over by a bull rush from Jenkins. If that is the level of effort he plans to give this year,
he won't be getting a fat UFA contract.

datruth4life said...

So Dale, with the preseason done, what is your final 53 now? I have yet to see the Carolina game (I'll watch it on the NFL Network this weekend), but I'll give this one last shot anyway. Remember, you all heard it here first:

3 Quarterbacks – Roethlisberger, Batch, St. Pierre

-- If St. Pierre's injury is serious, then it would change things. If not, I think he's done enough to hang around.

5 Running backs – Parker, Kreider, Davenport, Davis, Russell

-- And Verron Haynes gets his ticket punched to Arizona.

5 Wide Receivers - Ward, Holmes, Wilson, Reid, N. Washington --

--Walter Young could be back before the year is over if there is an injury. I think Young would make a good fit with the Redskins, with all of the smurfs they have. Wait a minute, don't we got smurfs, too?

3 Tight Ends – Miller, Spaeth, Tuman

--If the Steelers had anybody else that was ready besides Miller, Tuman would be gone. But since they don't, he stays. Isn't America great?

10 Offensive Lineman – Smith, Fanacea, Mahan, Simmons, Colon, Starks, Essex, Kemeatou, Okobi, Jason Capizzi

-Philips getting hurt might be the equivalent of him rolling snake eyes during a craps game. Okobi is happy though. If one has to go, I'd cut Essex. Capizzi has more potential and better feet. However, that would mean Starks would be your swing tackle. On second thought, keep 10.

6 Defensive Lineman – Smith, Hampton, Kiesel, Kirschke, Hoke, Eason -- If McBean makes it, it is clearly because he is a 4th round pick and nothing else. Eason beat him out, so put him on the practice squad.

8 linebackers – J. Harrison, Farrior, Foote, Haggans, Woodley, A. Harrison, Kriewaldt, Timmons –

--Timmons is really Farrior's replacement, but the Steelers haven't told anyone yet. And that's music to the ears of A. Harrison. Now, if only he could sack somebody.

10 defensive backs – Taylor, Palomula, Townsend, Clark, A. Smith, McFadden, Carter, Gay, Coclough, Iwuoma

--Dale, this is only because you said they're going to keep 10. It means Coclough will be inactive all season unless there is an injury. Gay and Chidi are too valuable on special teams to be inactive.

3 specialists – Warren, Sepulvada, Reed

And away we go!!! Adamg, even you can't find anything wrong with this list!

Dale Lolley said...

The only difference I have is McBean over St. Pierre. St. Pierre really cooled off late and I actually liked what I saw of McBean. He won't last on the practice squad.
As for Faneca getting taken on the hump move, come on. It was one play for goodness sakes. I don't think effort has anything to do with it. He was playing against a guy who's a three-time Pro Bowl player himself. Sometimes you're going to lose those battles.

adamg said...

Dale, Faneca got pushed around last year, too, so it's not an isolated incident. Presumably the Steeler coaches and management have seen the same thing which is why they're not hot to resign him.

All the research the Steelers did into BSP's eligibility for the practice squad tells me he'll be cut and resigned there.

Anonymous said...

Truth or Dale (damn- sounds like "Truth or Dare") either of you know when the game will be rebroadcast?

Dale Lolley said...

I know KDKA is rebroadcasting it Saturday on one of its sister stations, but outside of that, I don't know.