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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Reid shows off

Another day, another special teams practice.

Today’s emphasis was on what to do after a safety, so many of those guys weren’t needed.

James Harrison, Derek Rehage and Lawrence Timmons were the only guys not practicing today. I didn’t see Willie Parker, however.
The most interesting thing I saw today was while waiting on Willie Reid after practice. Reid was the last guy off the field as he took some extra time receiving punts from a Juggs machine.

Before he finished, he did a little showing off. He held one ball in his arm while another was shot at him out of the machine. Just before the second ball would reach him, he’d toss the first ball into the air, catch the second one, and then grab the first one out of the air. It was a nifty little trick he did four or five times before calling it quits.


Monique Ringling said...

Thanks for keeping us updated with training camp. I think it's great that we get the latest scoop from your blog instead of TV or the morning print.

Great job!

Dale Lolley said...

No problem. It's my pleasure.