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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Goodbye Danny

We've probably seen the last of Dan Kreider in a Steelers uniform as the eight-year vet went on the disabled list with a knee injury Thursday.

Kreider has been phased out of the Pittsburgh offense this season in favor of Carey Davis, who's a better runner and receiver out of the backfield.

But the Steelers still used Kreider when they wanted to line up and punish opponents or late in games when they were milking the clock.

But Kreider is an unrestricted free agent after this year and his knee injury was his third injury this season in limited playing time. Running into brick walls head first for eight years will do that to a guy.

It was good while it lasted for Kreider, a true class act.

And yes, that was former Steelers fullback John Kuhn lead-blocking for Green Bay Thursday night.


adamg said...

OTOH, I don't think Tomlin is very happy with the Steelers inability to run the ball consistently out of the one back offense. He certainly can't be thrilled the team can't punch the ball in on the ground inside the 10.

I for one would not be surprised to see Arians reigned in next year. After all, Tomlin's experience in Tampa Bay was not only a two back offense, but BOTH backs running the ball.

To me, the Steelers look like a bad hybrid of the one back, one cut, zone blocking teams. Parker doesn't run that style and the OL blocking schemes seem confused to me either because the old OL-men are having a hard time transitioning to a new scheme or bad coaching or something else.

Tomlin's a first year coach. I'd guess he's not only coaching but also evaluating both the players and coaches he inherited. His hire was so late in the football year, I doubt he really had time to do the kind of research and interviewing of coaches he wanted. Now his team is very likely playoff bound so he's wrapped up in coaching even more.

If I were a betting man, I'd bet to expect some changes in the coaching staff next year especially on offense.

Cotter said...

It'd absolutely be sad to see Kreider go. He's been understatedly solid over the years and it make take some adjustment for Willie to get used to not having him in the backfield anymore.

Nonetheless, if Kreider never again sets foot on Heinz Field as an active player, he'll still be revered by at least this Steeler fan and I'm willing to bet many many more.

Here's to wishing him a full recovery from that torn ACL!

Ropheka said...

Nice Blog :)

Dale Lolley said...

I think a guy like Owen Schmidt from West Virginia would be a nice addition in the draft this year. Powerful guy who could also be a short-yardage runner and a threat to catch the ball is what this team needs.

adamg said...

Matt Hahn from Penn State is a nice player, too. He runs hard, blocks well and can catch.

Dale Lolley said...

I liked the kid from Arkansas, too. If they're going to continue to use the fullback as a weapon more than a blocker, that kid is dynamite. Good runner, good hands, decent blocker.
But Carey Davis' blocking is getting much better.

adamg said...

I sure wish Arians and Tomlin would conspire to bring back the two back offense of Harris/Blier, Csonka/Kiick, Horning/Taylor, etc.

What a concept! Two running backs and the defense has to be prepared to stop both instead of a basically useless second TE.