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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Week 9 Power Rankings

1. New England (9-0) It wasn't necessarily pretty, but the Pats won in Indianapolis.

2. Indianapolis (7-1) You can't blow a 10-point lead with nine minutes and change remaining in the game, even to New England.

3. Dallas (7-1) Big game with the Giants looms. Dallas should win.

4. Pittsburgh (6-2) Should head to New England in a month with just two losses in what will be billed as the next game of the century.

5. Green Bay (7-1) Winning a road game is difficult following a Monday night road game. But the Packers did it.

6. Tennessee (6-2) I like how this team is playing defense.

7. N.Y. Giants (6-2) I'm not sold on this team just yet. But the record is good.

8. Detroit (6-2) Jon Kitna predicted 10 wins before the season and everyone laughed. Who's laughing now?

9. Jacksonvile (5-3) That was a blip on the radar last week. This is still a good team.

10. Cleveland (5-3) We'll see just how far the Browns have come this week. I still expect a two touchdown-win by the Steelers this week.

11. New Orleans (4-4) Could end up winning the NFC by the time it's all said and done.

12. Tampa Bay (5-4) The defense dominated against a good Arizona offense.

13. Washington (5-3) That was not how I expected the Skins to rebound from the New England loss, but at least they won.

14. San Diego (4-4) What the heck was that against Minnesota? We'll chalk it up to the wildfires.

15. Kansas City (4-4) Tough loss last week. Even tougher considering Larry Johnson was injured.

16. Seattle (4-4) Still the best team in an awful division.

17. Buffalo (4-4) Maybe the win over the Ravens two weeks ago wasn't all that strange.

18. Baltimore (4-4) This season could really get away from Brian Billick fast.

19. Carolina (4-4) The Panthers finally lost one on the road last week. Now maybe they'll get their first home win.

20. Arizona (3-5) Need a win this week in the worst way.

21. Houston (4-5) Better than they were last season, but the Texans are still struggling.

22. Minnesota (3-5) Will only go as far as Adrian Peterson can take them.

23. Philadelphia (3-5) This has turned into a lost season in Philadelphia.

24. Denver (3-5) The defense is awful and now Cutler is out.

25. Cincinnati (2-6) Should draft all defensive players this year.

26. Chicago (3-5) Maybe they fixed things over the bye, but I doubt it.

27. Oakland (2-6) Slipping back into a familar role.

28. Atlanta (2-6) May not have many wins left on the schedule.

29. San Francisco (2-6) I can't believe they're still this bad and New England gets their first-round draft pick.

30. N.Y. Jets (1-8) Nearly pulled off the upset last week.

31. St. Louis (0-8) Didn't lose last week because they were on the bye.

32. Miami (0-8) See above.

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