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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Week 11 Power rankings

1. New England (10-0) Rolling right along.

2. Dalls (9-1) Struggled against Washington at home, but won.

3. Green Bay (9-1) The best team nobody is talking about.

4. Indianapolis (8-2) Banged up but found a way to win.

5. Jacksonville (7-3) Getting healthy at the right time.

6. Steelers (7-3) Should be angry after last week's debacle.

7. N.Y. Giants (7-3) Losing Kiwanuka for the season will hurt.

8. Seattle (6-4) Starting to turn it on now that Alexander is out.

9. Cleveland (6-4) The Browns are 6-2 against everyone in the league that doesn't wear black and gold.

10. Tampa Bay (6-4) Playing outstanding defense.

11. Detroit (6-4) We'll find out how good they are on Thanksgiving against Green Bay.

12. San Diego (5-5) Something's just not right with this team.

13. Denver (5-5) Don't look now, but here come the Broncos.

14. Arizona (5-5) The defense is playing great.

15. Philadelphia (5-5) A 23-point underdog at New England!

16. Houston (5-5) Andre Johnson is back and so is the passing offense.

17. Tennessee (6-4) Struggling without Haynesworth in the middle. Young's passing is erratic.

18. Washington (5-5) A middle-of-the-road team.

19. Buffalo (5-5) How will the Bills respond to last week's whooping?

20. Kansas City (4-6) May wish they hadn't made that Michael Bennett trade.

21. New Orleans (4-6) Just when you thought the Saints had righted the ship …

22. Chicago (4-6) Injuries have made this a lost season.

23. Minnesota (4-6) Maybe it's the o-line, but I think I could go for 100 for the Vikings.

24. Baltimore (4-6) Upon further review, the Ravens should be lower. Nah.

25. Carolina (4-6) Bill Cowher could be coaching here by the beginning of January.

26. Cincinnati (3-7) Fading, fading, fading.

27. Atlanta (3-7) Maybe Steve Bartkowski can come out of retirement.

28. St. Louis (2-8) The Rams won, but struggled against the hapless 49ers.

29. N.Y. Jets (2-8) Played their game of the season against the Steelers.

30. Oakland (2-8) Maybe the NFL should leave the Bay area.

31. San Francisco (2-8) That's eight losses in a row.

32. Miami (0-10) The Dolphins have now lost 13 straight dating back to last season.

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