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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Key matchup, roster move

OLB LaMarr Woodley vs. RT Jon Runyan
If you remember back to the first quarter of the preseason meeting between
the Steelers and Eagles, Woodley dominated Runyan, a 13-year veteran.

Woodley was getting a lot of pressure on QB Donovan McNabb and
Runyan responded with a couple of penalties. The Eagles were forced
to bring a back over to help Runyan out with Woodley. If Woodley can
have the same kind of day, he can keep McNabb from throwing those deep
balls he loves so much.

Roster move: The Steelers made a roster move today when they promoted
rookie LB Patrick Bailey to their active roster. The team needed Bailey this week
because linebacker Donovan Woods is out with a hamstring injury.

Bailey (6-4, 235) spent the first two games of the season on the
Steelers' practice squad after originally signing with the team as an
undrafted rookie free agent from Duke. He started 26 games and recorded
191 tackles (24.5 for losses), 8.5 sacks, one interception and four
forced fumbles during his college career.

The Steelers made room on their roster for Bailey by releasing
second-year RB Gary Russell. Russell originally made the Steelers roster
as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2007. The Steelers will likely re-sign
Russell on Monday.


adamg said...

Dale, serious questions. This game looked like a carbon copy of the NE game last year when the Steeler offense seemed just completey confused by an all-out blitzing defense. Did the coaches learn nothing from that game? Honestly, Jim Johnson's defense is not new. Every coach in the league knows how they operate in blitz mode a lot.

I guess I can see trying to throw some long passes as the Eagle DBs are generally below average and Dawkins has lost a few steps, but keep trying to do the same thing over and over? Why not come out and just try and run right at the Philly DL? They are smallish and the best way to attack speed is to run right at it.

Do the Steelers not have a short passing game in their playbook? Is Ben just too much of a gunslinger that he thinks those plays are beneath him?

Why did the Steelers not go the hurry up offense or no huddle (for long)?

Also, is Marvel Smith washed up? Trent Cole spent the entire game running right around him.

Patrick said...

this was some of the worst coaching I think I have ever seen.

why was there no:

adjustments to the blitz?

no mendenhall till way too late

ANY kind of effort to change things up and confuse the eagles D

I seriously wonder if the Steelers will ever be dominate under Tomlin. This was a disgrace.

BoJangles said...

I'm TOO disappointed w/ the play of our O line today. I honestly thought we were taking strides in the right direction. The defense played championship caliber D, but the O could muster nothing up. If this doesn't fire our line up, what will? And one question Dale. What is Hampton's injury status? Is he going to miss any time?

Anonymous said...

i recall some talk on draft day about how there is more than one way to protect a quarterback - good lineman, or lots of weapons. that was the rationale for drafting mendenhall and sweed in lieu of some top OL talent.

well, we still don't know for sure if they were right because mendenhall and sweed barely even sniff the field. if the plan was to protect ben by adding offensive weapons, why not use them? the current offensive formations they are using aren't gonna make up for the deficencies along the line or keep ben healthy.

Anonymous said...

The thing that killed me yesterday from a coaching standpoint was, WHY THE HELL DIDN'T we kick that field goal at the end on 4th down with 40 secs left???? Coaching was terrible.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering also why there were no adjustments made during half time at least? Are we not able to answer that type of defense?
Going into the rest of the schedule is frightening if we can't find a way to keep Ben upright and score!