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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

News and notes

There was no real earth-shattering news in Mike Tomlin's press conference today, but here are some of the highlights:

© Larry Foote appears to be ready to go Sunday against Houston, but Tomlin did say that Lawrence Timmons will be a part of the base 3-4 package as well. Foote will still start.

© As expected, Rashard Mendenhall will handle kickoffs, Mewelde Moore punts, with Santonio Holmes getting a spot punt return here and there.

© The No. 4 receiver spot is still up for grabs. It was thought when he was drafted that Limas Sweed would wind up being No. 3, but now he's battling Dallas Baker for the No. 4 spot.

© The team is unsure about how it will use Mendenhall in the base offense - at least publicly.

© Moore will be the primary third-down back, with Willie Parker seeing some action there as well.

© Look for Parker to get the majority of short-yardage carries - at least until Mendenhall proves he can hold onto the football consistently. Gay Russell is probably the team's best short-yardage back, but likely won't be active on game days. That's my opinion, by the way.

© Tomlin thinks the offensive line is better suited to protect Ben Roethlisberger.

© For the local football fans, center Dan Mozes, a Washington native, was not added to anyone's practice squad.


deljzc said...

Dave, do you expect both Sweed and Baker to be active on game days or will one of the two sit?

adamg said...

I'd guess since the team's only carrying 2 TEs, they'll go with 5 WRs
for the same total of 8 they had last year (3 TEs + 4 WRs).

Dale Lolley said...

That would probably be a good guess, though neither is really going to help on special teams, so that could be a factor.

rocket9 said...

I was a little miffed that Russell never got any snaps with the first team O-line. I know they needed to give Mendenhall his, but I feel Gary IS the short yardage back they seek.Rashard is not ready for prime time yet till he gets rid of the fumblitis which I am also sure he will.

I expect that Gary will be inactive for most games this year.

Sweed is disappointing in the sense that he looks overwhelmed by his assignments and is not putting himself into position to catch the ball. Awkward looking at the moment. He'll be fine but not really a factor this year.

At some point this season, the right side of the O-line is going to be the cause of a loss..and that will be the time where they might actually have to admit that Colon cannot play RT. I am almost 100% sure of it. This is a 10 win team tops..given the schedule and they have ZERo games they can afford to lose because of a guy plaing out of position. It could cost them a playoff spot.

Anonymous said...

tell mozes to stay out of the local watering holes when he's home and concentrate on making the big time. that's if he is serious.

Dale Lolley said...

Oh he's serious.