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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Steelers add tight end

The Steelers added a third tight end to their active roster
today as they signed veteran tight end Sean McHugh to a one-year deal.

McHugh (6-5, 265) spent the past three seasons with the Detroit Lions on
both their active roster and practice squads. He was originally drafted
by the Tennessee Titans in the seventh round (214st overall) of the 2004
NFL Draft out of Penn State. McHugh was cut by the Titans following
their 2004 training camp and signed by the Green Bay Packers, where he
spent the entire 2004 campaign.

In 25 career games (14 starts), McHugh has 20 receptions for 277 yards
(13.9 avg.). He had his best season in 2007 for the Lions, playing in 15
games (12 starts) and making 17 catches for 252 yards (14.8 avg.).

This was the perfect storm for the Steelers. He not only spent time with the Lions,
he is also a Penn State guy. Both of those factors seem to be a must for free agent pickups.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Hartings?

Brian said...

Eddie Drummond too.

When I saw McHugh cut by the Lions I thought he'd be a fit for what Arians wants to do with the TEs - have them be able to both play outside & slide into the backfield as a lead blocker. Glad we got him. Hope he works out with the team.

Dale Lolley said...

He can also give them a backup on the roster for Carey Davis since he's played some fullback/H-back. It's not a bad signing.

Alex said...

I just hope Tomlin lights a fire under this guy, Miller and Spaeth to get them to block and support the run.

No reason guys with their size shouldn't be able to block.

Our Te's deserved some of the blame in blocking breakdowns last year, it wasn't all the oline's fault.

Anonymous said...

who got cut to make room for this guy?

Anonymous said...

Nobody got cut...they traded Mahan which opened up a spot.

Chris said...

I never heard of him before, though he seems like a quality pick-up. But honestly, how often will he get on the field?

Dale Lolley said...

They like to run their three tight end package five to 10 times per game. He'll also see some time in short-yardage situations and on special teams.
But I agree with you. That's why I didn't make a big deal of it today. He was a note in my main story.

Anonymous said...

The Steelers worked out wide receiver Martin Nance yesterday at their South Side practice facility. Nance, a teammate of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's at Miami (Ohio), was cut last weekend by the Vikings. The 6-foot-3, 212-pounder has played in one NFL game during his career, and that came in 2006. The Steelers have five wide receivers on their roster and one on their practice squad.

Dale Lolley said...

Nance left without a contract and there are no plans to offer him one. The Steelers were just checking him out because they liked him out of school. They thought he'd make the Vikings' roster and were surprised he didn't.
But they were just making sure he was healthy.

Alex said...

They'll probably have his number on speed dial if someone goes down this year.

kelly said...

If someone goes down they'll likely bring in Rucker. I've heard they like him. It seems kind of surprising they were looking at Nance... Maybe Ben asked them to?? I don't see any need for him.

Dale Lolley said...

They like Nance better than Rucker. Nance would be a guy to add to the active roster who's ready to play. Rucker's a project.

Brian said...

Dallas Baker didn't win the last roster spot. Willie Reid & the other receivers lost it. Dallas Baker didn't win the #4 WR job either. Sweed lost it. If anything screams "more quality needed at this position" it's the above two statements.

I can see them giving Baker a chance & if he falters, signing Nance & trying to get Baker on the practice squad in Rucker's place. The only thing I liked about Rucker based on my preseason & training camp viewing is his size. Didn't show anything else.